With the end of the era, Israel’s Netanyahu is under attack

Israel’s ruling Likud has promised a peaceful transfer of power after its leader Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly accused election fraud that prompted security agencies to warn of the risk of political violence.

The 12-year rule of the Israeli Prime Minister is expected to end on Sunday. By then, 61 members of the 120-seat parliament will vote in Naftali Bennett, the leader of the eight-party coalition agreed last week to overthrow the five-term prime minister.

As part of repeated efforts to undermine the alliance, Likud leader Netanyahu described Bennett Union The party extends from the fringe left to the Islamic Arab party, which is called the “scam of the century.”

Netanyahu said at a faction meeting in the Likud this week: “We have witnessed the largest election fraud in the country’s history. In my opinion, this is also the history of a democratic country.” Closest ally He has decades of experience in politics: Donald Trump.

There is no evidence of election fraud. The alliance agreement was reached after four elections in two years failed to produce clear results. If the new government fails to get enough votes on Sunday, new elections will be held.

Netanyahu’s allies in ultra-orthodox parties, which provided the backbone of his alliance, are now facing the same power exile as Netanyahu, and go further in their rhetoric. Former Health Minister Yaakov Litzman asks for a pious Bennett Kipa (Skull) In public, portray him as a traitor to the Jews.

In addition to several members of the coalition and reporters who criticized Netanyahu, at least four members of Bennett’s party, Yamina, now live under the protection of the police. Right-wing protesters camped outside the house of Congressman Yamina, and they were forced to replace their mobile phones after receiving repeated death threats. According to the online media Vara News, a congressman was followed by a suspicious car all day.

Israel’s Sinbet security chief Nadav Agaman warned this week that continued incitement to legislators “may be interpreted by certain groups or individuals as allowing violent and illegal activities, and God bless them, these activities may even change. It’s fatal”.

But the Likud group, which has faced opposition for the first time since 2009, refused to compare it to Trump’s last few days as US president, saying that the allegations of election fraud do not mean prosecutions against Israel’s vote count. Instead, they emphasized Bennett’s shift from the right-wing camp to the center-right government he will lead.

Later on Thursday, Likud said in a series of tweets: “Bennett hijacked the votes from the right and transferred them to the left, which is directly contrary to his promise.” “If this is not fraud, we don’t know. What is fraud.”

It added: “Israel’s power has been peacefully transferred and will always be there.”

The party stated on June 7 that Bennett was turning “Israel into a dark dictatorship.” .. Similar to North Korea or Iran”, through consideration of a term restriction law that may prohibit Netanyahu from re-election. Local media reported that Likud loyalists are expected to lobby lawmakers during Sabbath prayers. The vote will be It will take place at 4 pm on Sunday.

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