Windmill AC Review: It can keep the air conditioner for a whole year

My house doesn’t have There is central air conditioning. Every summer, in the wet summer, I wrestle from the bottom of the hall closet with a loud, awkward, awkward air conditioner. I wedge it into my child’s bedroom window, wincing every time I open it, and check the forecast every day to see when I can put it away again.

Last summer, a consumer-oriented startup called windmill Sent me a test unit for air conditioning.Before I write a review, it has been sold out, and it is expected that the pre-order delivery time has been delayed by more than One year.The company finally accepts bookings again, now directly through The Home Depot. If you need to cool down the bedroom or game room, I suggest you jump on it. It is effective, easy to install and reasonably priced.

The best part?So attracted me just Realized that I kept it for a whole year without counting down every second until I could remove it. This may be the best suggestion I can make.

Interesting size

Photo: Windmill Air

Air conditioners usually measure power in British thermal units. For each square foot of living space, you need about 20 BTU, but also adjust according to the ceiling height of the room, how much sunlight the room allows, how many people live, and how long it is placed.

The power of the windmill is 8300 BTU, which is at the weakest end of the spectrum. This is a good size and power capacity for my child’s 10 x 15 foot bedroom, especially because my child is still very young. Its function is not enough to accommodate the living room, but the price is very reasonable.Priced at $395, still more than Its ugly competitor, Just like the LG department it replaced for us.

You need a sliding double-hung window with a height opening of at least 14 inches and a width opening of 23 to 37 inches. It weighs about 60 pounds, which surprised me because I lifted it effortlessly to install it. The company’s clear installation guide says that the estimated installation will take about 45 minutes, but it took me less than 15 minutes, not even considering the time it takes to cut and install the insulation.

You may first notice that the air intake is on the front panel of the windmill, and the outflow starts from the top. I really appreciate this design. You can’t direct the cold air directly at the sweaty torso, but it seems to circulate the air faster and allow us to use the bedroom space more efficiently. My daughter’s handmade table is just below the window. The windmill will not blow her eyes, nor will it blow away all her colorful paper hearts.

The controls for the device are located at the top, and they are a few small labeled buttons below a fade-in and fade-out LED panel. You can either automatically set the temperature or manually set the fan speed and mode, whether it is Cool, Fan or Eco (between the two). There is also a very small remote control, but my child and I almost immediately lost that remote control. It does support Google Assistant or Alexa for voice control, but I find myself using the app on my phone more often, especially because I usually turn off the device remotely after the day has cooled down.

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