What you need to know about the U.S. vaccine certificate on your phone

We are tracking the COVID vaccine application Launched in the U.S. And some ways people can now prove that they are vaccinated. But there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information, and many developers are vying to provide the preferred solution. Here, we have collected answers to some common questions.

Basic knowledge

What is a digital vaccine certificate? Is it the same as a vaccine passport?

Digital vaccine voucher is a way to show that you have been vaccinated against Covid by using an app on your phone (rather than a paper record).Each state has a variety of policies and programs related to such certificates. These certificates are sometimes referred to as As a vaccine passport.

Some states have their own apps when they need a vaccine certificate, such as Excelsior Pass in New York, Docket in New Jersey, and myColorado. The LA Wallet app in Louisiana also holds a driver’s license, which can store COVID-19 credentials. How states link digital certificates to immunization records may vary.For example, California Send QR code Vaccinated individuals who fill out the form to verify their identity.Some states and territories have already cooperated with MyIRMobile, Including Arizona, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington and West Virginia. The governors and legislators of some states (such as Alabama, Florida, Montana, and Texas) actively opposed the requirement for vaccine certification.

To understand each state’s position regarding mandatory vaccine credentials and the provision of digital means, please see Tech Review’s U.S. COVID Vaccine Application Guidelines.

Why do I need an app on my phone to certify vaccines?

Some experts pointed out that the vaccine certificate on the mobile phone Not so reliable As CDC’s time-tested paper card. This may be the case, but it is a good alternative or supplement for carrying vaccine cards everywhere. Digital proof does not necessarily mean the installation of a new application: photos or scans of paper cards stored on mobile phones are sufficient for some places. The latest version of the Apple Health app for iOS 15 will be able to store health records, including proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Note that while the app is a convenient way to store vaccine status information, experts warn risk Data privacy, because this technology is relatively new and is being rolled out quickly.

Tour the town

Do I need to show a vaccination certificate in my daily life? For example, what if I want to dine in an indoor restaurant?

Most cities and towns in the United States have no vaccine requirements for indoor dining. New York City was the first city to announce the authorization, and it is still one of the few cities to do so.it Proof that at least one dose of vaccine is required Used to enter restaurants, gyms and other indoor entertainment venues, such as theaters, museums, etc. San Francisco and New Orleans followed closely, with the former taking a tougher stance and requiring customers to be fully vaccinated. Similar tasks are planned for the Los Angeles and Seattle areas in October.

Some individual restaurants now require customers to show proof of vaccination.To find out if you must bring a vaccination certificate with dinner, check if the restaurant is open Map of OpenTable Or confirm with the venue.

Does the law allow companies to require a vaccine certificate to enter?

Yes. Restaurants, gyms, theaters, and other types of businesses in cities such as New York and Los Angeles want to ensure that their customers are vaccinated.Although this has not yet become a common practice outside some large cities, private companies were able Legally require a vaccination certificate Before providing services.

Can companies require employees to provide vaccine certificates? Where’s the school?

It is legal for companies and governments to do so Need staff Get vaccinated, as long as they allow an exemption for medical or religious reasons. Many companies have required workers to be vaccinated, and other companies are following suit.

Although teachers and staff in many school districts are required to be vaccinated, the rule does not extend to students in most areas.Los Angeles is the first major school district Mandatory vaccination of new coronavirus for students People 12 years and older attend classes in person. The Covid vaccine for children under 16 has not yet been fully approved by the FDA. After approval, more states or school districts may include the new coronavirus vaccine in their list of required immunizations.More and more colleges and universities Need to be vaccinated.

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