Wear a helmet, whether you are a biker or a Viking

Do you have to legally, Wear a helmet or motorcycle It is a wise move. But sometimes it needs to be reminded and some coaxing. This is where the PSA comes in. Some may be daunting, but this one from the Danish Road Safety Commission is very interesting.

The committee gave us Vikings, not a bunch of statistics, some overly optimistic people, or grim breakdowns. They gathered together and set off for England for a wonderful plunder. But their leader jumped on his horse without a headdress. Thus began an awkward conversation with the helmet-mounted friend who tried to get him to wear the helmet.

Leaders have typical complaints. He said it made his scalp itchy and messed up his braids. But in the end the leader’s wife and children persuaded him. We especially like the lines of helmet friends, and the British may also wear helmets. We are also happy to see the helmets come in handy when passing through low gates.

This is not perfect. The ending seems to indicate that if the leader could see better without wearing a helmet, he could have hidden under the door. It’s nice to see more peer pressure besides family. But all in all, this is an interesting public service announcement that conveys good news. So when you go to loot, uh, bike to work, be sure to grab your brain.

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