Volvo Cars Malaysia announces extension of service interval and warranty grace period after FMCO

Due to restrictions Comprehensive Movement Control Order (FMCO), Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has announced measures to ensure that the vehicle cannot be sent to customers for routine maintenance and warranty repairs during this period.

The company stated through its official post Facebook page It provides an extra warranty grace period and extends the service interval outside of FMCO. After the government lifted the lock to extend the warranty period, it provided a grace period of up to two months.

In addition, VCM stated that it will also pay tribute to all customers whose vehicle service interval exceeds the requirements (mileage, warranty date, operating date, service appointment) during the lock-up period.

The company stated that during the FMCO period, the operation of its service center may vary from location to location, and that customers who need urgent service or repair needs should contact their nearest Volvo dealer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.


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