Volkswagen ID.4 EV completes NORRA Mexican 1000 Baja Rally

Volkswagen Announced strengthening ID.4 electric frequency divider It participated in the NORRA Mexican 1000 Baja Rally and completed the race.Piloted by professional pilot Tanner Foust, it is the only Electric car Participated in the competition.

Foster said in a press release: “This is all we want.” According to Volkswagen, Modified ID. 4 During the 1,141-mile desert race, the rear bumper suffered only minor damage. All of its main systems (including the unmodified 201 horsepower, rear-wheel-drive electric powertrain) worked as expected.

Baja racing caused huge losses to the driver and the car, so the results of completing the NORRA Mexican 1000 without major failures are impressive, but ID.4The performance is not outstanding.its Total stage time 37:38:30 (including 1 piece: 03:00 free throw) ranked it 61st.Most of the cars in front are dedicated off-road vehicles, such as Jeep Wrangler, AM General M998 and Toyota 4Runner, But Meyers Manx and lifting air-cooled beetle Beat it.

On the bright side, it doesn’t sound like an electric powertrain reduces the speed of ID.4.Volkswagen pointed out that it mainly charges cars cross It uses a biofuel-driven generator connected to a 50-kilowatt flat-panel charger. However, the charger is not always available, it occasionally drags ID.4 to the next stage to maintain the driving distance.

Ford The situation of Baja is much better. Unmodified four doors 2021 Blanco It entered the wasteland of the game Third place Ranked 37th in this category, the total performance time is 22:17:07. It is driven by a pair of engineers.First in class Ranger (19:46:34), while Glickenhaus boots Won the second place on the podium in this category with a total performance time of 22:02:14. Rhys Millen drove a special off-road vehicle and won the first place with a score of 15:14:53.

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