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Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3 Prediction, odds, best bet: “King of Gypsy”, Frank Sanchez is the first choice

Few sporting events can compare with the heavyweight world championship battle in Las Vegas.This is exactly what is playing on Saturday night Tyson Fury defends WBC and direct heavyweight champion In the third game against Deontay Wilder.

After a controversial draw in their first game, Fury ruled Wilder before receiving a seventh-round suspension in the rematch. The rematch included a rule that the loser could immediately initiate the third game, and Wilder did it. After more than a year of defeat in the battle, Fury continued to try to unify all four recognized heavyweight champions with Anthony Joshua. As a result, Wilder forced the trilogy to take place after the arbitration.

After Wilder claimed that his defeat was the result of a conspiracy, these two mortal enemies will now clashed in Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, including his own corner against him and Fury’s tampering with his gloves and Cheating after using performance-enhancing drugs. Wilder also claimed that he wore an elaborate costume while walking around the ring, weighing more than 40 pounds, and was therefore extremely tired.

The pay-per-view card consists of three heavyweight matches before the championship.

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Just as there are few exciting things like the heavyweight championship, there is no way to add a little extra fun than in the window of sports betting. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of our options to use Caesars Sportsbook’s odds to make the best performance on the cards.

Adam Kownacki (-220) vs. Robert Helenius (+180)

Helenius and Kownacki will meet in their own rematch. Helenius had a major defeat in their first game in the fourth round of the knockout round. He was brought into the battle, as an opponent, set a chance for Kingacki to win, but took advantage of Kownacki’s reckless aggression to score a stoppage. This victory injected new vitality into Helenius’s career, who was previously considered to have passed his peak, and then made Kownacki uneasy in front of the home audience.

With all of this in mind, this battle may be conducted in two ways: either Kownacki remains reckless in his offense and Helenius is able to separate him again, or Kownacki strengthens his offense slightly and more effectively damages and finishes an older age Many opponents. The latter seems to be the more likely choice, but either way, it feels like shutdown is imminent. The battle ending below 6.5 rounds is -125, and below 7.5 rounds is -137. Give up a little bit to make your bet three more minutes. Choice: less than 7.5 rounds (-137)

Frank Sanchez (-180) vs. Effie Ajaba (+155)

Ajagba vs. Sanchez is an interesting battle. Both fighters entered the arena with undefeated results and were labeled as prospects. Sanchez is a Cuban boxer. His style makes his background clear. Technique precedes power, even though power is there. Ajagba is a Nigerian boxer living in Texas. Despite his undefeated record, he is not perfect. However, Ajagba does have a lot of power, which allowed him to overcome some mistakes, including his knockout of Iago Kiladze in a game in 2019.

This is a great improvement for men and potential customers, and the battle between potential customers and potential customers can reveal many truths, good or bad. The odds of these two men are interesting, but there is not a large enough range to scare off direct bets on the winner. Sanchez’s technical prowess may have controlled the battle, while Ajagba stumbled in the match with the worse fighters. Sanchez was a +175 stoppage time win and a +220 decision. If Sanchez decides to simply send Ajagba out of the box and avoid trading power, then this decision may be a better choice. Nevertheless, the safe bet is to play a role in Sanchez to win or lose. Selection: Frank Sanchez (-180)

Tyson Fury (-270) vs. Deontay Wilder (+220)

Fury is a better boxer. We have 19 rounds of data to prove this point. No one has the power of Wilder’s punch in the game, and few in the history of boxing have it. This power means that Wilder will automatically “enter” in every second of every battle. Wilder’s mentality is either a weakness or a strength. Either a series of excuses are signs that a person is broken because he has to endure the harsh reality that he is just a mortal. Or, Wilder is so confident that he cannot measure the loss in any fair way and is not affected by such thorough control.

The problem is that if Wilder did not see the flaws he brought in the first two games-especially the rematch-he may not have taken any steps to solve these problems. Many people say that Wilder will focus on physical attacks in the rematch, but it is easy to see Fuli using Wilder to try to become a different fighter. Fury’s style is difficult to replicate in the stadium, and it is difficult to imagine that the performance of this battle will be too different unless Wilder can drop some bombs that change the battle.

The break-even point for a round bet is 7.5, and both bets are -120. Considering Wilder’s strength and Furi’s data against Wilder more than his seventh-round stoppage in the rematch, the end seems to be a good game. The question becomes: How low is the total number of rounds you are willing to move? Below 6.5 is +120, below 5.5 is +175. Below this value does not seem to be a wise move. Perhaps the most interesting gameplay is to combine two bets for Fury to understand his probability of winning and his ability to hurt Wilder. Choice: Combine the fury of rounds 4-6 (+400) with the fury of rounds 7-9 (+400)

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