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Through “Dune”, Frank Herbert designed the future Maxi Pad

Don’t tell frank Herbert (or someone from Thinx), but he actually came up with a very talented menstrual underwear. Back in 1965. But, well, his coat is a coat-it does more than collect blood and endometrium.

Herbert’s invention is of course Still life clothes. One of the iconic technological works in his novels dune-And an iconic science fiction technology, period-this is an inevitable invention. Arakis, where most of the novel takes place, is a desert. In order to survive, the native Freemans on this planet built fitted suits, collected all their damp excrement—sweat, urine, feces, exhaled droplets—and recycled them into drinking water. This idea is actually a bit clever. If you think about it, there are a few days a month that is very beneficial to anyone who has menstruation. Stillsuits will only suck up any secretions and recycle them with everything else!

To be clear, Herbert never mentions this specific purpose in the book. (“No, this is a very, very good point,” said Jacqueline West. duneFashion designer, when I asked her about the concept of my maxi pad. “Perhaps Frank Herbert at that time didn’t think about that much, but he thought of everything else.”) The author described in great detail in the book that still obey-the tube that collects air from the nose, the way the body moves, the pump, as The “mini-sandwich” of the “filter and heat exchange system”-but he doesn’t seem to consider the different functions of some bodies from others. (Although, let the record show an entry about Fremen menstruation [Fremenstruation?] inside Dune Encyclopedia.) Herbert also got the science wrong. No suit can correctly recover body fluids without violating basic thermodynamics as he described. Nonetheless, the method he proposed in the 1960s would provide a good way to deal with menstrual blood without having to spend hundreds of dollars each year on tampons, underwear linings or menstrual cups.

Of course, Herbert is not alone. Space science fiction stories rarely consider the period.I remember, Ripley never bypassed Nostromo Look for tampons.Rey did not search Millennium FalconOr, although you can imagine Her wrap Can be used for some creative purposes.It’s hard to imagine what would happen if MartianMark Watney has a womb.Even the current adaptation Y: The last person, Which is characterized by a cast almost entirely composed of menstruating men, and does not talk too much about menstruation.It’s just not a subject often covered in science fiction, unless it’s a speculative novel like this The Handmaid’s Tale Mainly involves reproduction.

And, let’s be realistic, it’s not like science fiction never involves physical issues. For decades, this genre has been flooded with cyborgs, transhumanism, and even virtual worlds—all of which have challenged modern ideas about what the body and its functions are. There is enough room for discussion during this period, but these discussions rarely happen. (Perhaps technology has made them obsolete.) Although still like the second skin, they will never make desert residents become cyborgs, and in Herbert’s world, considering the prohibition of thinking machines, this Something may have been denied anyway. On the contrary, the fact that his genius simulation device did not perform may be one of its key functions.

It’s hard not to imagine what would happen if more writers brought up this topic. Science fiction tends to imagine what humans ultimately want to enter the world—artificial intelligence, robots, smartphones—maybe if Herbert planted this idea in his groundbreaking best-selling novel, the people at Procter & Gamble would think it It is a cool investment to develop things other than dry weaving and winged cushions. (Although, TBH, those wings are clutches.) On the contrary, the technology of the times has been the same for decades-NASA Once suggested Sally Ride is carrying 100 tampons during a week-long space trip.

See, maybe no one wants to read any Bathroom activities in science fiction books-these daily chores are for life, not pages (Or screen). But considering that Herbert did explain the recovery of water in urine and feces instead of menstruation, this seems to be an oversight-it shows that his novels have blind spots when it comes to the role of female characters. (There is no anti-character in it dune novel. ) Bene Gesserit is one of the most political and spiritual women in the world. dune The universe, but they are also known as threatening space witches. Paul Atreides’ mother Jessica is a powerful member of Bene Gesserit, she is a powerful central figure, but her narrative is mainly for Paul. Same as Chani, the Freeman who became his concubine. (Many of these characteristics lead to Dennis Villeneuve The role of women is magnified in his film adaptation of Herbert’s book. ) Perhaps their physical needs have not been considered because their actual lives have not been considered.

Fortunately, now what people have finally done dune No. DivaCup and other companies want to disrupt the menstrual cup market; GladRags is bring back Reusable mats; Knix, Modibodi and others All kinds of absorbent underwear-There are almost no ultra-local static clothing with all water recovery functions.Period product is now $20 billion or more industryImagine if Frank Herbert foresaw this.

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