This man owns the holy grail of Ford minivans, absolutely glorious

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In Minneapolis, Minnesota, sitting in such a rare minivan, I had no choice but to call it the “Holy Grail.”Yes it looks normal Ford Aerostar, But trust me: it is more like the Holy Grail full of life elixir. I recently had the opportunity to see this glorious machine with my own eyes, and now I have changed. This is why.

I am satisfied with the rare manual transmission version of a normal car.take Holy Grail Jeep Grand Cherokee I can’t seem to stop writing; the Jeep has only built 1,500, and I will own four of them (more on that later).I used to drive Manual Saturn Vue, Plus I own the Holy Grail of Chrysler minivans, 1995 Diesel Manual Chrysler Voyager.I almost bought it too “Holy Grail” by GM Minivans, manual Pontiac Trans Sport With the beloved Quadrupole 4 Four-cylinder engine.

After I published an article about Chrysler and GM minivans, you might be wondering if Ford has its own minivan Grail. The answer is yes, this is the first time in my life I have seen it with my own eyes.

It belongs to a person named CJ, who is an employee of Union Pacific who lives in the Minneapolis area. “If you happen to have time to visit near Minneapolis, Minnesota or break down, please let me know,” he heard about me last month Traveling west on my land cruiser.

At the end of the email, he listed his car:

Sort in descending order of year:

2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI Manual

2001 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel

1997 Hyundai Tiburon Manual

1996 Ford Aerostar

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix (requires some work)

1994 Chrysler towns and rural areas (need a lot of work, I hope you can help you here)

1992 Ford Aerostar MANUAL

1992 Infiniti M30 Convertible

1992 Infiniti M30 convertible (should be a parts car…)

After reading the seventh line, my eyes became as big as a hot air balloon, and I spit coffee on the monitor (I don’t actually drink coffee, so I can only go out and buy some coffee to do this work), then grab me Paper bags to inhale when gathering yourself.This man has a manual Ford Air Star? I thought these were just urban myths conveyed in secret codes at auto shows across the United States. Rumor has it that if you decode the 1992 Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance official flyer, you will see the following message: “MTX AEROSTAR EXISTS”.

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image: David Tracy

Nevertheless, I never said that such a magnificent machine exists.Except some Craigslist list In addition to the official Ford car, may or may not have done Photoshop shopping brochure with EPA website (Frankly, neither of these can be trusted) The evidence makes me elusive. Until now.

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image: Ford

On my return trip through Minnesota, I sent an email to CJ asking if he wanted to meet. He appeared on his 1992 Ford Aerostar, which was equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 engine bolted to a magnificent five-speed manual transmission. Take a look at the Holy Grail, the real, actually existing, real, complete Holy Grail of Ford minivans:

This bulletproof 3.0-liter Vulcan V6 only produces about 135 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque. I bet that I moved a 3,500-pound van, even though the manual gearbox consumes less power than the automatic gearbox, it still feels very slow. When I ask him if the truck is fast, you will hear CJ answer hard. “This is not a fireball. This is a minivan from the early 90s,” he admitted, before assuring me that despite the lack of speed, the van is still fun thanks to this joystick.

The manual is a five-speed M5OD designed by Mazda and can be found in many products such as Ford’s Ranger and Explorer in the 1990s. This is a lightweight manual, known for the reliability of what I read on online forums. If properly maintained, it will continue to be used, and even if it cannot be maintained, rebuilding it is much simpler and cheaper than repairing a four-speed automatic transmission.

That is one of the benefits of the five-speed Aerostar: this thing may continue to drive until the end of time.The fact that the stick makes it more interesting, and the fact that Expanded horizons And basically can act as a covered pickup truck, which will only make this machine more challenging.

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image: David Tracy

Add a fantastic two-tone paint, Aerostar’s futuristic style and Rear-wheel drive layout, You will get a small drift car that is reliable, fun to drive, practical and beautiful. It is greedy to ask for more in this life. This truck is what you need. This truck is what we all need.

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image: David Tracy

So, for all the people in your underground bunker, stare at the fixed page of the old car show manual, then decode the book to try to solve the puzzle: it’s over. Go back to the world and re-adapt to society, knowing that the Ford Aerostar manual does exist and it is glorious.

correct: I previously described the extended model as a “long wheelbase” variant. It turns out that all the additional length is behind the rear axle. All Aerostars have the same wheelbase!

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