Things to do in Sohoton Cove, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

This is our list Thornton Bay Attractions, Grand Burgas, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines!

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With crystal clear waters, jellyfish shelters, beautiful caves and vast views, Sohoton Cove is a great place to spend a day in Surigao del Norte. It is located on Bucas Grande Island, bordering Socorro, another town in Surigao. This unique place will make you fall in love with nature.

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Sohoton Bay in Surigao is not a national park, but a national park. The real person is in Samar, with the same name, but Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge Park. If you are going to Siargao, please don’t forget to stay here for a day and a half.

Things to do in Sohoton Bay

1. Check the cave

When you go to Sohoton Cove, explore the caves and learn their stories. There is a cave, you need to dive to enter the room, it will make you glow. Some, you need to climb and then jump off! This will be an unforgettable experience!

2. Look at jellyfish

After getting off the bus, you can go to the Jellyfish Sanctuary or Tojoman Lagoon to see these cute creatures or swim with them. They were found jelly (Mastigias Papua) and thornless. However, it is best not to get them out of the water because they are very fragile and may die.

3. Breathing tube

Pick up your snorkeling gear and swimwear, and enjoy the vast beauty of the underwater world in Sohoton Cove. This is also an advantage if you have an underwater camera, so you can take many photos. The experience is so worthwhile!


The following are the costs you may have to pay when you go to this place:

Tickets: PHP 25 (PHP 100 for foreigners)
Permit: 50 Philippine pesos (100 Philippine pesos for foreigners)
Environmental protection fee: PHP 25 (foreigners PHP 50)
Boat charter – 1,500 – 4,000 Philippine pesos, depending on destination
Package travel: PHP 800 – 2,000

Usually, it is paired with a trip around the island to reach Ku Island, Naked Island and the Guyam Islands.

Sohoton Cove Travel Guide, Burgas Grande, Surigao North, Philippines
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How to get to Sutton Bay

Via Claver, Surigao del Norte

  • There are flights from Manila and Cebu to Surigao Airport in Surigao City
  • If you are travelling by land from Leyte, then you can also use this option
  • Head to the port of Hayanggabon in Claver
  • From there, you can take a boat to Sohoton Cove

Boat from Surigao City

  • You can also go to Surigao Pier or Pantalan and then to Socorro
  • 3 hours is the estimated travel time
  • From Socorro, you can take a car to Sohoton Cove

From Siargao

  • There is an airport in Siargao with flights to and from Manila, Cebu, Clark and Davao
  • In Siargao, you can go to General Luna and charter a boat to Sohoton Cove
  • You can also go to Dapa and go to Socorro, where you can take a bus to Sohoton Cove

Suhoton Bay travel tips

  • Use waterproof bags to prevent items from getting wet
  • It is said that the jellyfish season is from February to June
  • If you are a group, it is cheaper to visit these places
  • Please do not throw rubbish in the sea, because marine life may eat it
  • You can rent safety equipment-life jackets and helmets
  • You can bring your own food, but be responsible and leave no traces
  • Package meals can also be provided

Thornton Bay Travel Route

6:00 AM-drive to the meeting point
7:00 AM-Start to tour Bucas Grande
9:00 AM-Magkukuob Cave / Hagukan Cave
10:00 AM-Cliff diving
11:00 AM-Jellyfish Sanctuary
12:00 PM-Lunch
1:00 PM – Daku Island
2:30 PM-Gaiam Island
4:00 PM-Naked Island
5:30pm-return to the Mainland

Sohoton Cove Travel Guide, Burgas Grande, Surigao North, Philippines
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Sohoton Cove is eye-catching. For nature lovers there, you will love this beautiful attraction. I hope you have time to visit here in Surigao or Siargao. Hope this travel guide will be helpful for your future adventures. good luck!


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