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I join Medical design About 12 years ago, just a few weeks before attending my first healthcare design expo and conference. I immediately learned that this is a passionate, mission-driven and inspiring team. When I walked the show, I also noticed that the participants were mainly white. Over the years, I see more and more women enter the field, and to lead the design of health care through meaningful effort. However, I still haven’t met many people of color in my work and travel.

I think my experience is no different from yours. To accept a difficult reality, but the industry must face this reality: In general, the provision of health care and personal items do not represent the complex communities they serve. Many organizations have been trying to solve this problem, but in the past year, health disparities and social injustice gradually exposed to inspire new vitality to solve this problem.

it’s here Medical designWe decided to issue a part devoted to diversity, in recognition of staff trend, proud of projects and programs. As part of this, I asked a group of industry members to join me in a round table discussion on this topic. These people are following the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program on my personal radar for some reason. I know I have the right team gathering, but I am still impressed by the content they share.

They said, the company is to attract young people to enter the field, promote diversity in the workplace fairness and leadership positions in its entirety and to improve health care and efforts to improve the well-being of our communities have done very impressed. at least.

I got rid of the inspiration of the conversation, but also felt the unique feeling that things are really changing. In their share when the health care system has been in existence – the face of health disparities, the causes of these diseases would be uncomfortable to talk, and make sure they have the right people to solve these problems. This is where the project team joins. Designers should not only be able to join these conversations, but they should also prove that they are also promoting DEI within their organizations. As advocates Aurora Health of Victoria Navarro said, she will be asked to provide detailed information about the company DEI plans to ensure that the organizations working with them to reflect the system and its community.

As we develop as an industry, I am thinking about this role Medical design Play a role in this process. We have worked hard to consider the projects we are involved in, the individuals we are interviewing, and our programming participants. But I know we can do more, part of which is the opportunity to meet and interact with members of various industries. I encourage everyone to consider the same question: nominate your employee diversity as our award that identifies it as the source of the article and send it to our activities.

We are here to recognize that everyone’s contribution, I can not wait to look at the situation in the sector in the next 12 years.



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