The hood of the Porsche 911 GT1 is extremely complicated

If you recently spent US$5.7 million in a Porsche 911 GT1 Street Edition Still have not figured out how to open the back cover to cover the entire half of the entire special slogan, DK Engineering can help you.

DK welcomes you to upload the user manual to your 911 GT1, there are more than 20 in total. (Porsche claims 21 This official video, RM Auctions seeks compensation of 23 pounds This list for sale.FIA racing rules I want 25 in total But Porsche only built one building There are two in the first year of the competition. ) There are a lot of content in the video, such as how to insert the OBD port and diagnose it, scroll to the “Other” drop-down menu in the Porsche menu.My favorite is Open the hood. Four minutes later, this fascinating video began:

This is a racing car with some extra leather inside. Basically, the engine cover is designed for racing and racing speed. Therefore, if you drive at a speed of more than 200 mph, you will not only hit a little hook but also suddenly open. You will get a very long wrench.

It’s hidden in yours Very useful trunk (It has its own unique hydraulic prop), long T-shaped hex wrench, which is familiar to any bicycle mechanic.You open the door and stare deeply into the mysterious hole And insert the wrench until you get a satisfactory click. You rotate an object in it until it releases, and then rotate it again on the other side. What happened in the depths of the 911 GT1? It is a screw acting on the spring. Is it the same as adjusting the left and right tension of the Shimano Deore XT cantilever brake of the 1980s? Is it some kind of extended marble lock? Is there a dwarf there, you are entering its home and charging by twisting its complex magnetic-based energy system, in exchange, the dwarf releases the grip of the latch? We may never know.

Even if both sides are loosened, you have to go through a multi-stage process of lifting the lid, which is very different from the front hinged 1970s BMW hood, and the rear direction is very different. There is also a spectacular 90s anodized red locking plate that keeps the huge lid open. When you need to close something, you must press it down with your feet to release it.

What I can say is that it takes a long time to complete and gives the engine compartment of the 911 GT1 a sense of timing that it deserves. This is the development of the Porsche Group C power plant, a twin-turbocharged flat six-cylinder engine and the Porsche 962 transmission connected to it.

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