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The earnings of Twitch Streamers were exposed.Now this is a meme

Usually on Twitch, “Let’s get into the top five, baby!” referring to the video game leaderboard.Now with a Catastrophic data breach, The game world is focusing on a new leaderboard: a leaderboard based on the money the anchor makes from Twitch.

After an anonymous 4chan user, a controversy arose on the Internet on Wednesday Give way 125 GB of data from streaming platforms, including payment information for more than 10,000 Twitch streaming media.twitch comfirmed The violation later in the day claimed that server configuration changes allowed “malicious third parties” to access data. These revenue data cover subscriptions, donations, and advertisements from August 2019 to October 2021, and immediately spread on 4chan, Twitter, Reddit and other social media. (Some anchors stated that the information is mostly accurate, although Twitch payments are not their only source of income.) Although anchors are understandably concerned about the potential privacy risks associated with data breaches, many people have been imitating money, and as always Make money from memes.

“NUMBA 6 BEGS FOR PRIMES”, top streaming anchor Ludwig Ahgren named his live broadcast yesterday, referring to Twitch’s Prime subscription. 24,000 viewers watched. Scrolling through a website that organizes payment information into rankings, Ahgren entered the usernames of various anchors to find content they produced. (The website has been shut down.) Once, Ahgren called another anchor, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, to continue the gossip feast. “Number six!” Reynoldo yelled, greeting Agren. “You have to scroll to see my number. It’s embarrassing.”

“I never want to hide how much money I make, so I want to use it to make a meme,” Agren told Wired magazine. “I had a meme for a while: bigger numbers, better people. This is what it feels like when you are a content creator. Your value as a person is directly related to how much you are and how much money you make. Relevant.” (Ludwig confirmed that he did earn approximately $3.3 million from Twitch subscriptions, bits, and ads between the end of 2019 and October 2021.)

All day yesterday, the anchors and their fans used their numbers to call their favorite gaming celebrities on the now defunct Twitch revenue rankings.On the popular Twitch Gossip sub-section r/LivestreamFail, posts are full of posts such as “#6 and #23 conversation”, “#137 worst nightmare” and even “#6, #188, #264, #280, #269, #343, #414, # Headings like 550, #1049 and #1905 teamed up to defeat #28. “

Part of the motivation for Meme comes from the huge expenditures of the anchors. According to leaked data, since the end of 2019, the top 81 anchors have earned more than $1 million in revenue through Twitch. The top five anchors each earn more than 5 million U.S. dollars. Although financial information is explosive, it is not news for some anchors to earn millions. In fact, savvy viewers may be able to roughly calculate the income information of some anchors by themselves, without divulging them. Most streaming media subscriptions with partner status cost $5, and Twitch charges 50% of these revenues. Therefore, if the co-host has 50 subscribers and pays US$5 per month, then the host can earn US$125 per month only by subscribing. Most importantly, according to Alex Curry, Upfluence’s game influencer marketing strategist, streaming will make money through bit donations (Twitch gets a 30% discount) and partner program advertising (Twitch gets a 20% to 30% discount) .

“This leak highlights the lucrative profits of streaming media, we are just talking about the direct revenue of Twitch itself (subscription + advertising + bit),” Curry said. However, this is not the full picture of the anchor’s income. “For these numbers, you can add brand collaborations, sponsorships, sales and donations. Therefore, the salary of top anchors is actually much higher than this.” At least for the public, the real mystery is how much money the anchors make from these private transactions. . The numbers that are not included in the hacker’s data dump may be very large. Yesterday, in the spreadsheet, Ahgren shared Between the end of 2019 and October 2021, he earned $3,000,000 from sponsors, accounting for 44% of his income.

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