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In the eight years since Terence Crawford debuted on the national stage, this energetic boxer/boxer has grown into three championships and a leader in the pound-to-pound ranking.

This does not necessarily mean that anyone can confidently claim to know how great the 34-year-old Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) is actually. This weekend, at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, everything will change.

Since boxing politics is always frustrating, Crawford spent most of his career feasting on second-rate and long-declining opponents. But since WBO named the former two-time champion Sean Porter (31-3-1, 17 KOs) as his compulsory opponent, the two fighters from both sides of the network and promotion divide will be paid on Saturday Showdown-A view showdown expected to be hissed.

At the age of 34, Porter can claim to be the most active and ambitious member of the star-studded welterweight class, while Crawford’s weight is slowly rising. The two-tier champion played against Devin Alexander, Pauli Malinaji, Kyle Brook, Adrian Bronner, Keith Thurman, Andrea Berto, Dany Garcia, and Jordanius throughout the competition. Gas and Errol Spencer share the ring, he weighs 147 pounds, and most of the matches are against the main version of those fighters.

Although Porter has not won all the major challenges he has undertaken, he is competitive and exciting in every challenge. More importantly, he has been developing his style.

Porter was originally a scarred boxer. He was as domineering as a defender who broke through the melee line. Porter added fake moves and fast footwork to his game while improving his pure boxing ability.

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In the end, Crawford found himself staring at his opponent on the opposite side of the field. He was able to play his best side, and the native of Omaha, Nebraska seemed to be as excited about it as his critics.

“This will only enhance my status as the world’s number one pound-to-pound fighter,” Crawford said at the last press conference on Tuesday. “Beating someone like Sean Porter in an amazing way will only improve my status.

“Sean has never had bad blood, has always had love. I have always supported him, and he has supported me. But come on [Saturday], I want to step on him. ”

Porter grew up in the suburbs of Ohio and has had intersections with Crawford since his amateur days. He has been pushing the fight between the two behind the scenes for many years, despite Crawford’s claim that Al Haimon, the founder of the premier boxing champion He has been deliberately frozen.

From Porter’s point of view, Crawford has established his position in the future Hall of Fame and hopes to consolidate his position by defeating him.

“I’m pretty sure I’m on the brink of the Hall of Fame,” Porter said. “With this, this battle is not for me to win or go home, it is victory or something else. My life now depends on winning this battle and defeating Terence Crawford. He is a dominant one. The status of the warrior, everyone in his presence will use it, and he will dominate.

“For me, he can’t control and defeat him and complete the communication. I understand everything needed to defeat Terence.”

Although he suffered a lightning strike in his stoppage time victory against Egidijus Kavaliauskas in 2019, Crawford was barely affected at 140 pounds and 147 pounds. One must return to his breakthrough victory over the undefeated Yuriokes Gambos in the 2014 Youngweight Division to see Crawford being forced to make key adjustments to change momentum while also absorbing punishment. Distribute your own game.

The good news for fans is that Crawford has no plans to try to suppress Porter from the outside, and hopes to gain a firm foothold in the face of Porter’s trademark pressure.

“The difference from other fighters is [Porter] Fighting, I am different,” Crawford said. “The more you push, the more I will push. The more you come, the more I come. Everyone is always saying,’Why do you even set fire to fire when you can box him up? That’s because I like that, I like that. You beat me hard, I want to beat you hard. See who can hold it. ”

Crawford is about to obtain free agent status, which makes him uncertain whether he can play a super showdown with Spencer, whom fans have dreamed of for many years. Entering the final game of his top trade, Crawford was largely silent about his future lately, as did Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum.

Understandably, the focus has always been on the here and now. Porter hopes to push Crawford in a way that other opponents cannot.

Porter said, “No one else who dealt with him knew him as much as I knew him.” “No one knew how he worked mentally. All I knew was [Saturday] It’s a day in the boxing world. This will be a wonderful night.

“It is contagious. The best opponent will play the best Terence Crawford, and the best Terence will play the best Sean Porter.”

The undercard is filled with a pair of middleweight contests and lightweight showdowns to open the celebration. Perhaps the most striking was Janibek Alimkhanuly’s middleweight display against Hassan N’Dam. The 28-year-old player from Kazakhstan achieved a perfect score as a professional player with a score of 10-0 and recently demonstrated true finishing ability, dating back to August 2019. N’Dam is a 160-pound former champion. He has lost three of the past four games and was blocked in two of the losses.

In addition, when Esquiva Falcao played against Patrice Volny, another middleweight match gained common features. The 31-year-old Falcao from Brazil entered the game with a score of 28-0 and his name was eliminated 20 times. The Olympic silver medalist hopes to extend his current record of consecutive suspensions to six games when he is playing against Walney. Walney is also unbeaten 16-0, and he has been eliminated 10 times in his resume.

Below are the remaining PPV parts of the card and detailed predictions of the main events.

Battle card, odds

Odds for betting on Caesars Sports

  • Terence Crawford (c) -700 vs. Shawn Porter +500, WBO welterweight champion
  • Esquiva Falcao -650 vs. Patrice Volny +475, middleweight
  • Janibek Alimkhanuly -2500 vs. Hassan N’Dam +1200, middleweight
  • Raymond Muratalla -2200 vs. Steven Ortiz +1100, lightweight


Let’s not bury lede here: this has all the qualities to be a perfect example of high-speed chess between giant theaters and elite stars.

After Porter’s exciting split decision to lose to Spencer in 2019, what was somewhat lost was that Spencer later admitted to completely abandoning the game plan in order to stand with Porter in a fight. The reason was because he publicly despised Potter and was convinced that he could drag him down and stop him with relative ease.

Crawford may not accept Porter so easily. However, as he commented above, as long as Potter can continuously enter to force him to do so, he will stand up and trade with him.

This is how the effectiveness of Porter’s non-stop style will determine whether he really has a chance to win this battle, or whether he just sells his name to Crawford to consolidate the resume of the undefeated champion.

When Porter combined the aggressiveness he showed early in his career with the fast footwork and feints he added later, he was at his best. But this is the most effective style against elite fighters with slower feet, which is why it was so effective in his 2018 victory over Daniel Garcia.

Crawford’s speed is too fast, and Potter can’t overwhelm him by action alone. He needs to use the perfect combination of his two styles to make Crawford guess. The problem, however, is that Crawford is more versatile than Porter and can easily switch positions, so much so that it may perfectly offset Porter’s best plan.

The probability of Porter entering the second half of the battle on the scorecard and needing a full blitz is still high. Fortunately for the fans, the result should be sheer excitement, because Porter is bankrupt at an aggressive level like a runway train, and he hasn’t fully shown it since Beto was demolished in 2017.

Porter is likely to be the most difficult challenge Crawford has yet to face. But successfully fighting against bullfighters like Crawford was a mountain, and it was too big for the ambitious Potter.

It is not impossible for Crawford to stop Crawford by hitting Potter with something he can’t see. Either way, this should meet all its lofty expectations, mainly because Porter is one of the only skilled fighters who dare to let Crawford prove he is truly great.

Pick: Crawford via UD12

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