Spend an evening full of delicious food on a guided lip food tour

I arrived in Las Vegas about a week ago and have been able to visit various restaurants, thanks to A delicious food journey!

After a wonderful trip Houston, I continue to Las Vegas, Nevada. This is where I will stay for the rest of October. Traveling in the United States is always fun, there is always something to do.

One of the things i did Las Vegas Of course it’s a food tour! Ha ha! You know, when you are in America, don’t miss exploring different restaurants! This is a must-at least for gourmets like me. However, finding the best restaurants in the area and visiting them in person is time-consuming, isn’t it? Especially now I want to maximize my stay in the United States and balance my schedule as much as possible.

Well, I encountered a finger licking food tour, which is a good thing. They offer guided tours and self-guided tours, so you can choose the tour that suits you best.I chose them Guided lip food tour Because of the services they provide. My more experiences with them are as follows!

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About the lip food tour

A guided lip food tour will take you to up to 4 famous restaurants. You can grab the best seat without long lines! In each restaurant, you can try 3-4 unique dishes, which is really cool because you can be sure that you can eat the best meal in a day! good to eat!

During this food tour, you will also be guided by a professional guide, so you don’t need to prepare anything or research on your own. All you have to do is prepare for an empty stomach. Ha ha!During my trip to Las Vegas, I did The taste of The Strip tour group,marvelous!

In addition to Savor of the Strip, they also have other guided tours, including:

How did I enjoy a guided lip food tour

LipSmacking Food Tour Las Vegas (5)

Our meeting point is at the Aria Hotel. From there, I met Donald, our tour guide of the day. There were 12 people in our party and they took us to the 3 most upscale and best restaurants in the area-Javier’s, Julian Serrano and Mastro’s Ocean Club.

Someone ordered all their drinks, you can pay extra for the cocktails, but I only have water, so I’m fine. It all depends on you; how does it sound?

The food in all these restaurants is great, looking at the menu prices, the cost of the food tour is totally worth it. The following are our meals related to “Savors of the Strip Foodie Tour”.

What to order?


At Javier’s, you can enjoy their Mexican discounts, which will definitely bring you a wonderful experience. The food journey passed by word of mouth, let us enjoy 3 mouth-watering dishes here. Their signature fresh tortilla chips are paired with 4 different salsa sauces-Javier Salsa, Roasted Tomato Salsa, Roasted Green Sauce, Tomato Salsa and Salsa Verde Cruda.

You can also try their Enchiladas de Mariscos. This melted Monterey Jack cheese covered baby is amazing. Shrimp and crab fried with butter and different spices melt in your mouth! All the ingredients create a wonderful combination.

If you like chicken, why not try their Mexican enchiladas with guajillo sauce? The other ingredients are the same as Enchiladas de Mariscos, but it uses chicken as the main ingredient and is coated with Guajillo sauce.

Julian Serrano Snacks

LipSmacking Food Tour Las Vegas (3)

Lipsmacking Foodie Tours also gave us the opportunity to taste the signature dishes of Julian Serrano Tapas. This Spanish restaurant offers a variety of tapas; Tostada Menchega, Spanish Chicken Croquettes and Albondigas. Their Arroz al Horno Paella is very good, you will definitely come back here!

The atmosphere here is also very elegant and elegant, and you will enjoy it with your team.It gives you a real experience, it makes me miss Spain!

Mastro Ocean Club

At Mastro’s Ocean Club, our team can try their signature hot butter cake, cheese cake and chocolate cake.

All these sweets are very suitable for sweet tooth lovers. The warm cream cake with sweet cream cheese, homemade whipped cream, vanilla bean ice cream and more delicious sauces is the perfect choice after a full meal! Of course, you can also try cheesecake and chocolate sin cake.

We also had steak, spinach and burrata cheese. They are equally mouth-watering. There is nothing more perfect than enjoying a delicious dessert after a full meal!

This trip is worth the money, as you can enjoy food at 3-4 restaurants for only $199. My belly is definitely full at the second stop, but it seems that I can’t refuse good food. We start at 5pm and end at 8pm. If you want to enjoy a night show in Vegas, this is really a good choice.

If you want brunch, lunch or a trip to the city center, there are other options. Imagine that you can easily enjoy all these delicious dishes in just a few hours. This is all thanks to the lip food tour of the guide!

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