Special Offer: Virginia Mason Fertility Center

Virginia Mason Medical Center A strategic decision-making body in Seattle, in partnership with the Catholic Health Initiative (CHI) Franciscan, a female service provider, provides childbirth services at its main adult campus for the first time in more than 20 years. “There is a natural synergy between CHI Franciscan and Virginia Mason,” said Marie Henson, who is Perkins & Will (Seattle), his company designed the new 20,000 square foot Virginia Mason Fertility Center, which opened in August 2020.

Located in the outer shell space of the existing building on the Virginia Mason campus, the center provides comprehensive perinatal and postpartum services, including three private delivery rooms, six postpartum beds, two obstetric triage rooms, caesarean section, and one secondary special care Nursery, waiting room/sleeping area for family members and staff lounge.

A distinctive feature of the birthing center is an innovative dual care model called “niclet” care, in which babies with level II needs can be placed in a private postpartum room with a newborn head wall once they are stabilized in a level II nursery. Rehabilitation. mothers. “[Each room] There is everything a baby needs,” Hansen said.

In addition, the design of the setting allows the delivery experience to be handled on one floor, regardless of the level of care. “In other facilities, you may be transferred to another floor for postpartum, and it feels like your care has changed,” the registered nurse and executive director of the Women’s and Children’s Service Line of the Franciscan Health Center in Virginia Mason Said Tiffany Knouff. “We tried to build everything in the room, from the lowest intervention fertility you can experience to the highest intervention.”

The overall beauty of the birthing center is a boutique environment, each ward has a large window that can provide plenty of light and views of the surrounding community. To create a comfortable and familiar environment, elements such as wood veneers and decorative chandeliers are combined, while the color palette of the delivery room and delivery room is inspired by the natural gradation of the sunrise. “The entire palette is used to create a calm and serene background for a very intense and potentially overwhelming experience,” Henson said.

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