Ship rescued from Austin Dam

GIF: Austin-Travis County EMS

FReminder: make sure Pay very close Pay attention to when Boat on lakes or reservoirs with dams. FOur female passengers enjoy summer time In rad Classic motorboat The handy reminder to be reminded when they need it Almost rescued by crossing the Longhorn Dam near Lady Bird Lake Austin, Texas, Thursday, KXAN NBC News Report.

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image: Austin-Travis County EMS

Austin-Travis County EMS received a call from bystanders saying that a ship was about to cross 36 feet dam.When the authorities arrived, they found a Staff From the charter company on the lake Tie to the boat with a rope. Staff, James Cane tied to a distressed person Boat to another motorboat This is not enough to pull them away from the top, but it can prevent them from crossing until rescue arrives. Authorities said the ship passed the top of the dam briefly.

rescue team Give passengers a life jacket just in case. All four were rescued without injury.

I believe you and I want to know how a ship manages to get close to the top of the dam. Obviously, the passengers on the ship just didn’t pay attention.They told FCow 7 they are Talking to each other and didn’t notice that the ship was Keep up with the trend. When they realized what had happened, it was too late. The small motors on the boat are not strong enough to move them from the top.

Authorities say the dam is more dangerous than people realize, especially if someone crosses the top. A police officer on the scene said: “If you look at the other side of the Longhorn Dam, the bottom is actually concrete, so if you fall, you will end up hitting the concrete.”

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