Sell ​​On Instagram Efficiently, Earn 50 Million Revenue Per Month

Currently, online business on the social network Instagram has been very popular. But selling on Instagram is effective , not everyone can do it. To do a good business, you need to know the tips.

Why Sell On Instagram?

Instagram is currently an extremely popular social networking platform in both the world and Vietnam. The business on Instagram with the following advantages:

  • Free to use
  • Great accessibility, expansive market with more than 5 million photos posted every day, 7.3 million active daily
  • How to use and do business online on Instagram is quite simple, without many complicated steps
  • High engagement, conversions and orders because of less author interaction and fake metrics than some channels like Facebook

Especially if we sell products aimed at young customers, Instagram is the better and more effective sales channel. Currently, Instagram has up to 90% of users under 35 years old, and the largest age group is 16-25 years old.

Steps to Prepare to Sell ​​Online on Instagram

  • Sign up for an Instagram account

To generate sales Instagram is simple. We just need to register by phone number or email address as instructed, it only takes a few minutes. Instagram now has a personal and business page mode. To use the functions and modes of the sales page, remember to set it. Creating fanpage on Instagram is very simple, what to install and post is a matter of concern.

  • Optimize Instagram account settings

First, make sure your Instagram account is public (if you are using the personal page mode). Next, choose an account name that is easy to remember, easy to write, and easy to search. Usually we should put the name of the business shop too, if there are already identical registrars, simply add symbols or numbers. 

The next job is to set a beautiful, outstanding profile picture. It could be a typical store or product logo, as long as it is engaging. Next we write down information such as address, phone number, purchase contact method, a brief introduction to the shop in the information section. Finally, post / photo / sales video. 

How to sell on Instagram effectively ?

  • Photos must be of great quality

Instagram is an image / video sharing channel. If you want users to see pictures / videos, that means watching your products, it is imperative that the content be attractive and quality. Depending on the product, we invest in image in a specific way. It’s best to post selfies and edit them, otherwise don’t forget to choose high-quality photos that are beautiful enough to entice buyers. 

  • Write a compelling caption 

After viewing the photo / video, the prospect reads the caption. In the caption you should write down all the information you need to know about the product. The more interesting how to write content, the more you hit the psychology of the buyers, the more points you will score. 

  • Reply to all comments and messages

Never overlook user interactions with your online sales funnel. Not only is missing an order, but good interaction habits also score a strong plus with followers – your potential customers.

  • If possible, you should organize games with prizes (giveaway) periodically to increase engagement and promote the brand.
  • When there are many marketing expenses, we might consider buying sponsored articles, running ads, … 

Business Support Tools On Instagram

To sell on Instagram effectively , the quality of images / videos posted is the most important. To take care of them more, you should use support tools. If you can not do professional photo-editing photoshop, we still have many good applications that can be used directly on the phone such as: VSCO, Afterlight, Snapseed, … About the management support application, you can visit consult Zotabox, Sprout Social, Iconosquare, Schedugram, …

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