Photo Tour: Henry Ford Cancer Institute Brigitte Harris Cancer Museum

Henry Ford Health System (Detroit) has one of the largest cancer programs in Michigan, and its Henry Ford Cancer Institute treats nearly 10,000 new cancer patients every year. Recognizing that cancer cases are expected to continue to increase, the institute set out to create a new type of comprehensive cancer care, concentrating services under one roof.

The new 187,000 square foot Brigitte Harris Cancer Museum opened in January and is located across the street from the Detroit Henry Ford Flagship Hospital. The facility has a patient-centered rehabilitation environment that can be used for outpatient cancer treatment, precision medicine, clinical trials, research, and enhanced support services, including infusion centers, imaging and laboratory services, physical and occupational therapy, and emergency care for cancer . In addition, the project provides overall health for cancer patients by combining on-site exercise and fitness areas, nutrition planning and coaching, yoga and oriental medicine programs, and cooking classes.

The Henry Ford Cancer Institute collaborated with SmithGroup (Detroit) to rename its internal environment and promote the development of an immersive and patient-centric experience that is less aesthetically clinical than the traditional cancer care environment . The exterior buildings are characterized by different volumes, environmental architectural references to historical campuses, and the color and depth of details to create a layered, humanized scale.

Inside, the 30-foot-high hall has a curved, huge staircase that provides a key feature and a symbolic milestone for the patient-at the beginning of the treatment, the patient lacks the strength to climb the stairs, but at the end of the treatment Climbing the stairs is a symbol of hope and victory over cancer.

The extensive use of light, warm and natural colors and materials complements the dedicated patient space, including the lounge. The facility also provides retail cancer services, including pharmacies and food services specifically designed to meet the dietary needs and tastes of cancer patients.


Project details:

Equipment name: Brigitte Harris Cancer Museum, Henry Ford Cancer Institute

Location: Detroit

Completion date: January 2021

Owner: Henry Ford Health System

Total floor area: 187,000 square feet

Total construction cost: US$155 million

Cost/Sq. ft.: 828.88 USD

Medical planning, architecture, interior architecture, engineering (electromechanical and structural, lighting design, landscape architecture and environmental brand: SmithGroup

General Contractor: Turner Construction

Skywalk Architect: SDG Associates

Parking lot designer: Rich & Associates Parking Consultants

Patient experience and organizational adjustment consultation: Enviah



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