Photo Tour: Baptist Healthy South Florida Plantation

South Florida Baptist Church Health Coral Gables, FL (Coral Gables, FL) opened an outpatient facility in Florida Plantation in January this year, thereby expanding its business scope in the three-county area. The 112,000-square-foot medical office building includes an outpatient surgery center with five operating rooms and outpatient services such as emergency, diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, physical therapy, medical oncology, and primary care. The building also includes designated suites that can serve the four centers of excellence in the health system, including cancer, orthopedics, cardiology, and spinal care.

Designed by Gresham Smith (Nashville, Tennessee), this four-story facility has a clean and modern design, consistent with other recently completed Southern Baptist Health Clinic facilities. The interior is located in the scenic lake development area, with large windows inside so that patients can enjoy the outdoor scenery while receiving care. Neutral, warm tones accentuate the blue and green tones, and each floor has a specific color scheme as part of the building’s wayfinding system. The exterior includes upward-sloping walls, metal panels and curtain wall glass, which all highlight the Baptist Health South Florida brand.

Since the factory offers many professions and models, the design team created a flexible floor plan that can be adjusted according to future needs. Although each suite is customized for tenants, the design of the entire building can be used flexibly for future use, including the ability to be converted into a micro-hospital in the future. By placing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems on the side of the building instead of in each kit, future renovations will require less redesign.

Project details:

Device name: Baptist Health South Florida Plantation

location: Florida plantation.

Completion Date: January 2021

owner: South Florida Baptist Church Health

Total surface area: 112,000 square feet

Total construction cost: $52 million

Cost/square foot: $315/sqft ft

Construction company: Gresham Smith

Interior design: Gresham Smith

General Contractor: ANF ​​Group

engineering: Bliss & Nyitray Inc. (Structure), TLC Engineering Solutions (MEP), Kimley Horn (Civil)

builder: ANF ​​Group


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