PDRM offers saman a discount of up to 50%-starting tomorrow, for a period of 1 month, suitable for individuals and companies

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PDRM’s Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) Payment subpoena The event offers discounts of up to 50%.Can be paid via PDRM MyBayar Saman online portal and smartphone applicationThe event will start tomorrow (June 18) and will last for one month until July 18.

According to a statement issued today by the head of JSPT, Datuk Azman Ben Arias, the discounts are applicable to individuals and companies.Applicable to multiple traffic summons, including together In the blacklist category.

However, this activity does not include cases mentioned in the courts, major crimes that occurred in 2021, heavy vehicle crimes, and exhaust modification together. An example of a subpoena not included is traffic lights, emergency lanes, Cut queue, Two-lane overtaking and accidents. The complete list in the image above.

Of course, we are now in a complete MCO, and the physical payment counter has been closed.The easiest way to pay is through PDRM’s online portal (mybayar.rmp.gov.my) or download application AppGallery from Google Play, Apple App Store or Huawei. The app has been updated to allow companies and business entities to register as users.

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