Owls ride hundreds of miles on pickup grilles

Naples, Florida – A man moved from Alabama to southwestern Florida and the owl on his truck was trapped for hundreds of miles. The owl survived.

Torie Gray said he saw the vehicle in front driving towards Interstate 75 to avoid the big owl. But he hit it somehow, and it was stuffed into the truck.

Gray said that he didn’t know the situation until he arrived at his Naples residence. Gray said that he saw the damage to the vehicle and the owl, but he was not sure if it was still alive.

Gray called the Southwest Florida Conservation Area and sent a volunteer to help drive the bird away.

In the end they did it, and both of them marveled at the good condition of the owl. Gray said the bird did more damage to the truck than it did to the truck.

“No one knows it’s alive. He lost a few feathers, but he is very alert.” said Tim Thompson, a volunteer for the festival. “Everyone was shocked. They couldn’t believe it. I think this is just an amazing story.”

Southwest Florida Conservation Area

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