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The strategy of providing cancer care focuses on providing more comprehensive services under one roof, inspiring new layouts and methods of treatment spaces to simplify diagnosis and treatment services. People are also paying more and more attention to the selection of materials, biophilic strategies, and access to the outdoors to further support patients and the attention of staff and family members who support patients during the nursing process. Below, find the latest reports on cancer center projects and planning and design strategies.For more information, please visit Cancer Care Project “Parts” on the website.

Better use: David H. Koch Cancer Care Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Memorial

The David H. Koch Cancer Care Center at the Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center in Manhattan revolutionized the experience of patients, caregivers and staff through design.

Improve your cancer care journey

Understanding the patient’s care experience is the first step in designing better facilities.

First look: Cancer Hall, Rutgers Cancer Institute, New Jersey

This 510,000-square-foot cancer treatment and research facility will provide services to people living in New Jersey, one of the states with the highest incidence of cancer in the United States.

Photo tour: Samuel Oschin Cancer Center in Cedars-Sinai

The goal of the relocation and expansion of the cancer center is to create a comfortable environment and create a sense of community for patients.

Firm choice

Although the idea of ​​building a new hospital may be tempting, modernizing existing facilities may be a smarter and more cost-effective choice.

Photo tour: Solinsky Cancer Care Center

This 22,000-square-foot factory provides a soothing environment and strengthens the cancer services of Elliot Health System.

Photo Tour: Providence Newberg Medical Plaza

This three-story, 64,000-square-foot clinic maintains the modern Providence Health & Services brand.

Outstanding Performance Award 2020: Trend Leader

The David H. Koch Cancer Care Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center integrates compassion-driven design and technology to provide the future for comprehensive cancer care.

Support network

Medical design Showcasing recent cancer care projects that have redefined the layout and treatment space to support the concept of providing more comprehensive services under one roof.

Promotion and development

Suzen Heeley of Memorial Sloan Kettering and Mary Frazier of EwingCole have worked together for a period of 9 years, and put forward a transcending cancer center design requirement for traditional medical solutions.

Inova Schar Cancer Institute’s momentum for change

Inova Fairfax Hospital turned an occasional real estate opportunity into an opportunity to transform its cancer services into a holistic model of multidisciplinary care.

Important thoughts in product design: Di Anna Borders

Medical design Interviews with four leading product designers who shed light on the healthcare challenges they are solving and the inspiration that guided them. Here, Di Anna Borders of the Mohawk Group shared her story.

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