Nokia XR20 review: robust and feature-rich

I will admit it. I am going to move on HMD Global’s Before I opened the box, the latest Nokia phone.It costs $550, but it uses a processor you can find in it Mobile phones as low as $240. The same difference as the price Google Pixel 5A or Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, For those wonderful inky blacks, you won’t get an OLED display. What gives?

It turns out that focusing on these personal flaws can make a truly outstanding Android smartphone worse. HMD also provides other benefits, such as a headphone jack, expandable storage, customizable buttons, and pricey wireless charging.It also guides the classics Nokia “bricks” philosophy: It looks like a smartphone, but this thing is difficult. If you tend to drop your phone, but hate to use the increased volume of the phone case, then look no further.

Hard love

Photo: Samsung

XR20 is a rugged Phone, but it doesn’t look like most rugged phones. Don’t get me wrong; the XR20 is still heavy, thick, and big. I would not say it is pretty. But it is much slimmer than the usual sturdy designs, which are usually thick and unnecessarily ugly.

It has a strong polymer composite back welded to an aluminum core. (The edges are also made of aluminum.) It feel difficult.The front screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, The strongest glass you can find any Android phone, IP68 waterproof and dustproof, so it can be immersed in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes.

On paper, this is some impressive protection of money. But just because the XR20 uses Gorilla Glass Victus does not mean that the screen will not be broken.Higher price Flagship phone The same material and cracks are also used when falling. Thankfully, the lack of glass on the back of the phone means you have one less area to worry about.

It is not common for manufacturers to advertise on mobile phones. But on the XR20 product page, HMD stated that you can “put it down, get it wet, and even record your kid’s football game in the worst weather.” So I gave it up. To be precise, it was on the sidewalk, starting at a height of about 6 feet 3 times. Screen… Drumming …No cracking. There is some slight wear on the polymer housing, but the display is original. Obviously, this does not guarantee that it can withstand your first fall, but the results are promising.

Other uncommon features include a lanyard at the bottom of the phone, in case you want to hang the XR20 on your wrist or neck, and dual SIM support (this is a hybrid SIM card tray, so the MicroSD slot doubles as a secondary SIM Card slot). In addition to the power and volume buttons, there are two additional buttons on the left and top edges. The first one activates the Google Assistant, but the second one is configurable.

I set it to turn on the flashlight with just one click, and long-press to start the application. I noticed that I use a flashlight more at night because it is much faster to access, and I often use the Google Assistant button to turn on the air conditioner in the living room before going home.

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