A New Blog and a Baby on the Way

Welcome to the new Corinspired blog! Here I will post about my pregnancy, my life, and my various passions. If you want to know more, visit my about page. Now, on to more important things…

As is obvious with the featured image, we’re expecting our first child! Today, I’m officially a little over halfway done. It’s hard to believe I’ve made it this far!

Why did I wait so long to finally announce? I just wanted to be extra sure things are going well before telling more people. Honestly, I just didn’t want to have to deal with so many people asking if something did happen. There is still that fear but I’m happy we’re moving right along.

My Pregnancy So Far

  • Morning sickness wasn’t terrible. I was hit with occasional nausea but never had to vomit (phew!). Food aversion was pretty bad though. Favorites in my early pregnancy: watermelon, cantaloupe, mac and cheese. I also craved Bojangles cajun filet chicken biscuit but not so much now in the second trimester. Food aversion is also gone. Yay!
  • I had several depressive episodes I just had to work through during the first trimester. I know hormones can intensify emotions. I’m better in the second trimester for sure.
  • During my first ultrasound, the tech found fibroids in my uterus. Later on, I learned there are three of them but only one is a cause for concern because it’s large. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be a problem during delivery BUT I will get cramping from time to time (not bad so far but only a matter of time I think). However, I was advised to have it removed before my next pregnancy.
  • Fatigue is really my biggest symptom during this pregnancy so I make sure to lie down a couple times a day. I try to get as much activity as I can but I’m not exercising deliberately. I do plan on walking more now that the weather is getting a little better.
  • I’m almost done with second trimester so the aches and pains are increasing. They’re minor but I know…

This pregnancy hasn’t been terrible but I definitely had my moments of hating everything. I really do enjoy seeing my belly grow, knowing my our little one is too.

Meet Lil Coconut

Why Coconut? I just thought it was a cute nickname. Coincidentally my name is Corinne and my husband’s is Colin so take the first two letters and you have Coco. I also love coconuts. šŸ™‚

Coconut is growing on schedule. According to my pregnancy tracker app, they’re the size of a papaya and almost 1lb. They’re moving a lot now but most active during the morning and late at night. I love feeling the movements! We do know the gender but we are not announcing until Coconut is earthside!

Enlarged kidneys…what?!

During the anatomy scan I was told that Coconut’s kidneys were enlarged so I had to go to maternal fetal medicine the next day to get detailed sonograms of their kidneys. Thankfully, it was just as a false alarm and as of today, they’re fine! Phew!

We are so eager to meet our little Coconut and hope they continue to grow and stay healthy!

Thank you so much for reading my first post! There’s more to come. Feel free to subscribe and leave a comment.

Are you expecting? How’s your experience so far?

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