Motorcycle accessories and comfort depend on the rider triangle

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Motorcycles are not a one-size-fits-all machine. bicycleLike their riders, there are various shapes and sizes, so it is difficult to understand the feel or fit of the bike from the spec sheet only.

That’s why i am a big fan Cycle ergonomics, A website with a 2005 interface, which allows you to choose from many different bikes, and then enter your height and inner seam to visualize how the motorcycle is installed.This is like a virtual try-on of a bicycle. If you are a little curious about cycling, I encourage you to visit website.

The ergonomics of motorcycles do depend on the height of the saddle, but they exceed this single standard, otherwise I would feel comfortable on any cruiser because their saddles are notoriously low.I have got Recently learned I’m not as happy on the cruiser as on the naked bike. This is mainly due to the rider’s triangle, which refers to the riding position created by the bike’s geometry.

This has been overwritten Bicycle world In detail, to some extent, through Lefzira In the following video, the video explores bicycle ergonomics through convenient data points:

I want to show some Different sources Describe bicycle ergonomics because it is not only suitable for short riders, that’s what makes me like it so much Cycle ergonomics. Whether you are 5’3″ or 6’3″, it will help you understand the appearance of the rider triangle on the motorcycle of your choice.

use website, You can obtain specifications such as forward lean, knee angle, hip angle, and estimated saddle height. These are very important to the way the bicycle is handled. Take a look at this image of a dual-sport Suzuki rider:

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Ok. Stop looking at the beautiful spoke wheels for a while and observe the rider’s arms and knees. Now look at this rider on the Harley cruiser:

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Notice how the positions of their arms and legs are different.Now, focus on the contact points, i.e. saddles, foot spikes And handlebars.This is a picture of our own Bradley Brownell (Bradley Brownell) mine To observe these points for you:

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photo: Honda

This set of contact points is the cause of the rider’s triangle, which varies from bicycle to rider. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most important point of convergence on motorcycles.

Strength and weight are important. The appearance is very important.The suspension can be said to be most Important specifications for Jalopnik alumni’s motorcycles Norman Meyerson, Who ever described custom suspension work as the ultimate performance upgrade.

But it all started with the rider triangle, and Cycle-Ergo is still my top page. The only obvious oversight of the “Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator” is the width of the motorcycle, but this may be beyond the scope of this simple web page. Considering the width may need to consider the saddle size, fuel tank volume, or even the frame size, which is a big problem.

As far as the current situation is concerned, location Still a great resource for riders, just don’t let the ancient interface let you down.

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