“Metroid Dread” was disappointed by its boring robot villain

Robot design tends to Fall into one of two camps. First, they look like us; second, they look like tools, and their bodies are shaped to have specific functions. Like tools, the second robot camp—smartphones in the robotic world— tends to look very similar and requires some thinking from the designer to elevate their personality above the can opener. Metroid Fear exist Nintendo Switch Can’t escape this trap: This is a beautiful and terrifying game, dragged by a boring robot villain.

Metroid Is one of the most respected and acclaimed series Nintendo’s register. The game follows Samus Aran-known for her iconic, bulbous orange spacesuit-bounty hunters seem to rarely collect her bounty. It all started in 2D, Metroid, Released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986.This, and later sequels Super Metroid with Metroid Fusion, Created their own genre, called Galactic Castlevania, a hybrid Metroid with Castlevania Games where mixed Mario’s Platform and Zelda’s Explore everywhere. (The adventure of Samsus usually takes place on a vast abandoned planet).In recent years, the series or with Hollow Knight It has been shown that the genre is far from obsolete, but the 3D version MetroidIt happened behind Samus’s sun visor, eclipsing their 2D opponents.Because Metroid Prime 4 Nintendo was postponed after controversially stopping a Bandai Namco project in 2019. Metroid Fear Release, the first new 2D Metroid In 16 years, it felt like trying to appease frustrated fans.

This story tells the following events Metroid fusion. In that game, a parasite called X stole Sams’s power and reorganized herself into her deadly, soulless clone. Sams finally defeated the double, believing that she has eliminated Parasite X in the process. Unfortunately for the universe, Metroid Fear Opening a video transmission from an unknown planet showed the spherical parasites floating freely. Samus stopped in her spacecraft and was immediately destroyed by Chozo, a member of an ancient and technologically advanced bird civilization that left ruins throughout the galaxy. When Samus woke up, she had “physical amnesia”-yes, as usual, most of your abilities were deprived. Your task becomes more difficult.

MetroidHis aesthetic oscillates between the cartoon style (to appeal to Nintendo’s younger audience) and the more moody Gothic brand. Science fiction. It is the strongest when it leans towards the latter, and fear no difference. The creepy game is beautiful: the blue glass tunnel splits the swirling plume of lava; the abandoned alien temple sits under purple leaves; the flickering white light pouring out from the useless rotating vent. 2D perspective allows the developer MercuryStream to perform some incredible work in the background, and these perspectives can withstand scrutiny when occasionally jumping to 3D perspective.

The gameplay is a classic Metroid Castlevania, honed to perfection. Samus keeps her blaster and fires a small ball of light when you hammer Y. This blaster allows her to evaporate any projectile wild animals patrolling the walls and ceiling of the space station like goomba, and it can also open the door. Because the Galactic Castlevania games are all about doors. They are dollhouses with locked rooms that can only be opened with new skills: the spider magnet allows you to zoom in and out of the glowing blue wall; the invisible cloak allows you to climb through the hatch of a closed-circuit television operation. The key to these games is that they constantly require you to work harder to make progress-and, for the finishers among us, get all those sweet energy tanks and missile energy boosts. The great Galactic Castlevania game has always provided game design master classes: players feel that their exploration is autonomous; in fact, they are puppets without the designer’s knowledge.

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