Maserati teases an all-electric 2022 GranTurismo prototype

Maserati An early prototype of 2022 launched Sports car This week, teased its all-electric alternative to its long-running luxury coupe. Maserati said in an accompanying announcement that the spy-style photos were taken near the streets of Modena, near the automaker’s innovation laboratory.The previous generation GranTurismo has been in production for 12 years Finally retired in 2019.

The new GranTurismo and its top model GranCabrio In development since 2019But until recently Maserati comfirmed The next generation of two goalkeepers (Trident head?) the company’s electrification drive.We hope it borrows from Maserati’s upcoming Thunder Powertrain Up to three motors can be configured for all-wheel drive and torque vector control.

“The next logical step is electrification. We are trying to avoid unnecessary air openings and air outlets, which is in stark contrast to some of our competitors who seem to rely on them to convey information,” Maserati design director Klaus Bou (Klaus Busse) explained.Interview Automatic blog“In our case, it is about the purity of the body. We can further purify the car by reducing the number of air inlets and outlets, which will help us better tell the design story.”

We hope to learn more about the all-electric GranTurismo later this year.

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