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A few years ago, it was reported that my hometown of Cleveland was regarded as a showcase for healthcare design expos and conferences. Although there is a brand new convention center in the city center, it is easy to travel to the city by plane, train and car, but bad weather always prevents Cleveland from hosting our traditional mid-November performance. However, as we postponed the date to October, which was a good time in the Midwest, the city on the shore of Lake Erie suddenly became a contender.

After we signed the contract from October 23 to 26, 2021, I remember excitedly sharing this news with Walter Jones, Senior Vice President of Campus Transformation at Cleveland MetroHealth System. Walter is leading MetroHealth’s $1 billion plan to renovate its 52-acre main campus on the west side of the city, including a 720,000-square-foot, 380-bed hospital replacement project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022. Walter smiled at me and realized that by 2021, there will be enough buildings to showcase our attendees.

Now we are here. As of the time of publication, HCD Expo is just over a month away, and Walter is right. His project and several other local facilities will be on tour on Saturday, October 23rd. This shouldn’t be surprising—as you probably know, Cleveland is the center of American health care. From MetroHealth to the Cleveland Clinic, to the University Hospital, to the Akron Children’s Hospital, 40 minutes away, the area is full of innovations in nursing services and the healthcare environment.

But I want to dedicate this space to some things you might do no Understand what we call CLE.

First of all, it is important to understand that the Cleveland team likes Cleveland. There is a sense of pride in our town, which is what I have experienced elsewhere. We stocked up Cleveland-themed clothing and took photos in front of the Cleveland signs scattered throughout the city.

We are a group of friendly people; this is a rule in the heartland. But this means that we are very willing to taste the local craft beer with you and share everything you should check in the city, including the many breweries that produce this beer. I will listen to the opinions of our HCD Expo local liaison committee members, who made a lot of suggestions in our exhibition preview report “Ready to Rock”, starting on page 16.

That said, I will quickly add that I will challenge anyone to find a better bagel than the Cleveland Bagel Company or better ice cream than Mitchell’s homemade ice cream. If time permits, you must see autumn leaves in one of the Cleveland Metropolitan Parks that surround the city in our Emerald Necklace.
Like I said, we Cleveland people love Cleveland. I hope you do the same. I can’t wait to see you here.

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