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LeMond Prolog Review: Full Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

Best product It is usually the one that provokes a direct, visceral, emotional reaction.No matter how good anything How effective is it, or what its price is — whether it’s a dongle, a phone, or A pair of headphones-If you do not have enough motivation to open the box and use it.

You can react emotionally in many ways, but for electric cyclists, Greg LeMond’s Prolog hits all the right marks. This is a very beautiful (and very expensive) lightweight carbon fiber electric bicycle. It has a hybrid tilt frame with straight handlebars, a 250-watt rear wheel Mahle transmission system and an 11-speed Shimano GRX gravel-specific gear system.In LeMond itself, it also has a Fascinating background story.

It is beautiful, light, and very fun to ride, but there are many reasons why it stands out in the field of electric bicycles, so that it is difficult for ordinary people to recommend it. Buy an electric bike buy this.But if you are a Cyclist Who wants an electric bike, this is what you should buy.

Unboxing knife

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Let’s come back here to talk about packaging. Most high-end bicycles are not directly for consumers. Problems with these expensive and powerful machines can seriously hurt you, so many manufacturers hope to protect their reputation by working with reputable affiliate retailers and mechanics and give them their bicycles.

When I got a direct-to-consumer bike, it was hit or missed. Sometimes they arrive in good condition, but if the price of the bicycle is less than $1,000, usually not. The fork bends terribly when it arrives, or the damaged gear unit hangs from the stab wound on the side of the cardboard.

Then the manufacturer tells you, “We don’t have any stock, so you can fix that yourself, or you can mummy the box with tape, arrange your own FedEx pickup, and don’t exchange the goods within three months.” This is annoying— —Not my personal experience Or anything.

For FedEx and its customers, LeMond designed its own packaging to ship a bicycle worth $4,500 directly to consumers without the need for a mechanic to check the brakes and other things. This is a kind of thing for both FedEx and its customers. Extraordinary trust. In terms of protection and ease of opening—just slide the pre-adjusted bike out, with clear labels for steps and equipment—it is far ahead.The only close packaging I have seen is Van Muf’s.

However, you really should know something about bicycles. I follow the instructions to assemble it together until I swing the small reflector into the spokes.But when I proudly jumped onto the road and walked down the street, my seat immediately left. Clark. I forgot to adjust and tighten the angle of the seat. In my opinion, this is not an electric bicycle you usually think of. When the motor does most of the work, you can usually get rid of less than ideal ergonomics.


Photo: Lemon

This bike has a 250-watt Mahler rear hub motor and a 36-volt Panasonic battery. It is not the most powerful motor you can find in the United States. Its legal power limit is 750 watts, but it is enough when the bike weighs only 26 pounds.In contrast, the next lightest bike I tried was Specialized Turbo Vado SL, Weighing 33 pounds.

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