Langen Motorcycles Two Stroke is an authentic two-stroke retro racing car-limited to 100 cars, RM163k

Two-stroke engines, especially motorcycles, have disappeared from the streets and become victims of strict emission and noise regulations, but Langen Motorcycles in the UK plans to restore the two-stroke engine, even though it is only a track machine. Langen, headquartered in Wigan, Greater Manchester, intends to make the UK once again a leader in the development and manufacturing of motorcycles.

Langen Motorcycles was founded in 2019 by Christofer “Langen” Ratcliffe and will produce a limited edition of 100 Langen Two Strokes, priced at 28,000 pounds (163,388 ringgits). Pre-orders are being accepted, and a refundable deposit of £1,000 (RM5,835) ensures a place in the production queue.

Ratcliffe has been the chief design engineer at CCM Motorcycles for 10 years, responsible for motorcycles such as GP450 light adventure bikes and CCM Spitfire cafe Racer. Drawing inspiration from the Ace Cafe culture of the Isle of Man TT 250 road racer and the British cafe racing, Langen is creating a streamlined motorcycle designed for speed and omitting all unnecessary things.

Power comes from a 249 cc, two-stroke Vins, 90-degree V twin-cylinder engine, provided by fuel injection. The power output is said to be 75 hp at 11,700 rpm and 45 Nm at 11,700 rpm. Although it does not sound impressive in this 200-horsepower superbike era, Langen Two Stroke weighs only 114 kg, provides a power-to-weight ratio of 660 horsepower per ton, and is said to have a top speed of “140 mph (225 mph). Km/h) )”

Ohlins provides a 43 mm diameter traditional telescopic fork, which is fully adjustable, while the British suspension expert KTech-representative in Malaysia Kratos Motorsport – Provides a pair of custom-designed Piggyback Razor shock absorbers, which are also fully adjustable, including shock absorption length adjustment.

A pair of 120/70 and 150/60 size Dunlop Classic TT100 spoke wheels are mounted on the spoke wheels. Braking is done by double HEL radially installed billet calipers, grasping 320 mm brake discs, and a HEL caliper with 265 mm discs is installed at the rear.

The engine is wrapped in an aluminum space frame, with a carbon fiber fuel tank and body on top, and 24-carat gold foil is used as the design focus. The entire Langen Two Stroke conveys a truly retro atmosphere, including the hand-made two-stroke exhaust pipes that exit from the right and below the seat.

What do you think, a piece of engineering eyeball candy that also has a purpose on the track? Post your thoughts below.

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