Jefferson Health, Bodine Radiation Therapy Center

Time and accuracy are often the most precious resources in the fight against cancer, and new cutting-edge equipment can help bring real-time information to the fight against cancer.
At the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (Philadelphia) designated by Jefferson’s NCI, the team relies on the latest clinical trial research and technology to care for patients. The new hybrid MRI-Linac combines high-resolution MRI imaging with a linear accelerator (Linac), while traditional radiotherapy requires multiple visits to the patient to use imaging equipment to locate the tumor, and then use the linear accelerator (Linac) for treatment. This is not only more convenient for patients, but the improved accuracy also reduces damage to healthy tissue near the tumor site.
However, the challenge is that the dense urban environment cannot accommodate the new 5-ton equipment and its specially designed vault. The only viable option is to place the MRI-Linac next to the four existing linear accelerator vaults, two floors below the street.
The project area was originally built as a parking lot and later transformed into a hospital space, but faced many unique challenges, including limited floor heights and important structural foundations that had to be modified. Prudent strategies, such as using precast lead concrete units instead of pouring concrete to build vaults to reduce space constraints, and reducing equipment and structural materials through existing skylights above the waiting room, so that four adjacent linear accelerators can be used throughout the construction process Keep running.

Item category: Retrofit/refurbishment

General Manager: Daniel Clancy, Senior Clinical Manager, Radiation Oncology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

the company: Stantec Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd.,

design team: Stantec Architecture and Engineering LLC (planning, architecture, interior design, MEP/FP engineering); O’Donnell & Naccarato Inc. (structural engineering)

Total floor area (​​square feet): 1,500

Construction cost/square foot: 1,000 USD

Total construction cost (excluding land): 1.5 million USD

fully: January 2021

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