Italdesign proposes motorcycle safety to bring protection to the rider

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Italian design It is believed that it has found a solution to the inherent dangers of motorcycle riding and has been hidden from people’s sight since the late 1950s: seat belt.

This Italian Design Company According to a report, the company has applied for a patent application for a motorcycle seat belt assembly, which includes a backrest, a five-point seat belt, and most importantly, a quick release mechanism that can remove the entire damn thing from Disassembled from the bicycle. Bicycle world.

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illustration: Italdesign-Giugiaro

This component (including the seat back, seat belt and ejector) is connected to a computer that uses on-board sensors to determine whether the rider is safer to hang on the bicycle while riding in an accident, or if it is safer To eject the cyclist as Bicycle world Explanation:

The system is based on a sturdy shell-like backrest, rather than an oversized back protector. You can tie it to each shoulder with a belt, and then tie a belt around your waist. However, the backrest is not permanently and firmly mounted on the bicycle. Instead, it is connected by a flexible joint to allow the rider to move a bit, and there is also a quick release system that can immediately disconnect the entire shell from the bicycle when necessary.

The idea is that before deciding whether to let go of the backrest or fix it (and the tied rider) in place, the onboard computer of the bicycle uses sensors to detect whether it has an accident and what kind of accident it has occurred. Overcook it at the corners and on the low side of the bike, and then the seat back will loosen so you can separate from the machine. However, if a car crosses the road and you drive onto the side of the road, the system will realize that it is safer to tie you to the car so that you will not fall into the car or fall off the roof.

There is no patent application for Italdesign A concept car IThis is currently the only patent, But the idea of ​​a seat belt belonging to a two-wheeled vehicle has been tried. BMW Motorcycle In a few years at the turn of the millennium, he produced a very cool scooter.This BMW C1 It is a two-wheeled vehicle with a roof, and BMW positions it as an ideal city vehicle.

As if the roof of the scooter is not eye-catching enough, the C1 is also equipped with a seat belt for the pilot. In fact, the seat belt looks a lot like the concept that Italdesign wants to apply for a patent. The C1 belt enables the rider to “…By tying one belt on each shoulder and another belt on your waist,” Bicycle world.

However, the novelty of Italdesign components revolves around pivots and separation points.

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illustration: Italdesign-Giugiaro

Unlike the C1 seat belt, Italdesign has an eject mechanism.I’m not sure if this technology is needed when C1 is launched, but as the technology matures and things like that emerge AccelerometerIt makes sense that someone can apply it to a push-out seat that is essentially a cyclist.

However, I am still skeptical.I am worried that the computer-controlled mechanism will fail Will tie me to a motorcycle and take me there. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be tied to a 300-600 pound (or more) motorcycle in an accident.

THe C1 explained Italdesign’s patent. There are even videos showing how the BMW C1 would look if it crashed or fell over. Doesn’t look comfortable:

If Italdesign can attach one Airbag system Make it happen.Imagine using an airbag deployed in the seat in the event of any accident Back to the base. When a cyclist crashes, the airbag will deploy and provide an important crash protection layer.right now that I will serve!

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illustration: Italdesign-Giugiaro

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