I need to replace my Chrysler 200! What car should I buy?

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Irving will go to college in the fall. He bought a Chrysler 200 a few months ago. Although he likes this car, it is not very reliable. He is seeking to reduce losses and move on. What car should he buy?

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This is the scenario:

I am 19 years old, and the 2015 Chrysler 200 CI that I bought six months ago is all the rage. The check engine light came on for the second time in a month-our mechanic did a lot of work during the last repair. I’m going back to university in the fall, so I need something reliable.

AWD is a must-I’m going to Maine to attend college. If I have to move things back and forth, I want more space in the car. My goal is the skylight. In addition, I am 6 feet 3 inches tall, so I need something that can comfortably fit taller drivers.I hope to spend up to 23,000 USD

Quick facts:

budget: youUp to 23,000 USD

Daily driver: Yes it is

location: Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Want: Comfortable, reliable, all-wheel drive

Don’t want to: Another Chrysler

Expert 1: Tom McParland-Maximum space and warranty

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Irving, I’m sorry to hear that Chrysler has brought you a less than ideal experience. You have learned that although the 200 is a good car on the surface, It cannot really compete with imports.please remember 200 yes “Imported from Detroit. “

Although there are some AWD sedans available, it seems that you will benefit from some kind of station wagon or crossover. You can buy a Subaru like everyone else in New England. I won’t blame you for this, but good luck finding a good Forester or Outback in this current market, the price is less than 23,000 dollars, without a lot of miles. I said that using abandonment is good for you and provides a big warranty.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is super spacious, so you can easily drag everything home and bring it back every semester.Now, I can expect everyone in the comments to be screaming “This kid must be reliable, you recommend it to the public!” that’s Why should you pay attention to 2018 and above models, because they come with 6 years/72,000-Miles warranty. This is a lot of coverage, And like this SE decoration car, which one With skylights, it can cover until 2024.

Expert 2: José Rodríguez Jr.-Give you a spacious rover

Honda and Acura. Toyota and Lexus. Mazda. Irving, when I read your request, all of this flashed through my mind. You want to be reliable, and I understand this, especially after your Chrysler has experienced such a bad time. Again, you are a young driver and I can’t bear to let you sit behind the wheel of a car that prioritizes reliability. Let’s be a bit reckless!You mentioned that your driving conditions require some off-road ability, so I recommend this 2008 Land Rover LR3.

Of course, this is crazy, But our readers actually reminded me of this.When we asked about cars Bad reputation Due to unreliable nonsense, this generation of wanderers appeared. These discoveries were borrowed from Ford’s engines, and I couldn’t shake the notion that combining a sturdy American V8 with a British luxury car is an excellent SUV.

Besides, this is the generation before disco becomes bigger aurora. Its mileage is low enough for V8. It is far away from you, but this is a good thing for road trips where you can really understand LR3 and experience its highway MPG. Once you enter the city, you may start to curse bad fuel consumption, But LR3 should be very suitable for you and your goods, and because it costs less than half of your maximum budget, you can save a lot of gas money.

Expert 3: Lawrence Hodge-Warranty reliability and peace of mind Picture: Hyundai

miss you Something that won’t get you into trouble and still has a factory warranty? Then you want modern.

I admit that I was a bit biased when driving a car, bThere are good reasons for this. They are reliable, and you can get many features for a lot of money.take This 2018 Tuscon. A car owner, just over 33,000 miles, so it is still under the factory warranty. (Remember that despite Hyundai, the factory warranty only covers the second owner’s five Year/60,000 miles. But not bad! ) You will get a Seven-speed automatic panoramic sunroof, And all-wheel drive,Only $22,600. You can’t beat it.

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