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The downloadable content is So common in modern gaming life, this is rote memorization. There are several levels here, there are several skins or characters there-DLC is almost given, especially on the AAA title, these days you can almost bet that it will have at least two paid content, including brand new missions. And, for a long time, they made sense. Video game companies like them because they are indeed revenue-generating power; players (like) like them because they can extend their time in their favorite games, which is their favorite dish of digital entertainment. But just because it makes sense, it doesn’t mean I have to play. Frankly speaking, I have ended the DLC.

This may not be the reason you are considering. Downloadable content has been around for more than a decade-it is tightly integrated with the built-in Internet connection on the console-and the concept has been subject to much controversy over the years. Mass Effect 3 There have been many quarrels. E.g, From ashes The DLC is shipped on the same day the game is released and costs $10, which is essential for understanding the full story of the trilogy People are frustrated It is not included in the original game.This Extended version At the same time, DLC is free, but only released after trying to scream on the original packaging in an attempt to “fix” the ending of the game (I am not a loyal supporter) Mass Effect 3The original ending, but I also think that by responding in this way, EA/BioWare has nurtured an incredibly toxic fan right.

However, this has nothing to do with my aversion to DLC. My contempt is much simpler: I have done it. I have spent a lot of money, spent a lot of time on a game I completed six months ago, just to complete a task. When I can train a brand new game, I have learned how to play an old game again. I’ve had enough.

How did I come to this amazing conclusion?Well, I need something to help me get through until Mass Effect: Legendary Edition It was released within a few weeks and consumed my life, so I decided to launch a DLC that I had never used outside world. I really like this game.It doesn’t fill up completely Mass EffectThe shape of the hole, but I like space adventure, and the game mechanism is also very solid. I expect to like DLC. I definitely don’t.

To be clear, DLC is great! correct! org real danger with Murder of Eridanos Well-made, well-assembled, and have a good story. But the fact that everything the developers have done is correct does not change the fact that I would rather go through another day of Covid-19 vaccination than pick up the controller to function. It’s so frustrating. For any game, especially games that must shoot or participate in battle, my learning curve is very long. I don’t have any great skills other than button mashups, so it took a while to get used to the new controls. This is a waste of time for DLC.

However, this is more than just relearning the controls. This DLC is also suitable for upgraded players, so I find it enviable that I am constantly rusting during the game.this is not outside worldOf course, this is my fault, it is only because my playing style and ability level are diverting some interesting attention to a lot of work, I am not sure whether I have patience. Maybe if I solve the DLC while playing the game External restrictions The situation will be different (hey, it works for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey),but I do not have.

I am not a completionist. I don’t want to force myself to complete tasks that I hate, just say that I did it. Mixing my methods with extra content will bring more frustration rather than fun, especially when my game time has been severely limited and I would rather start a new experiment. (seriously, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Could not get here in time. ) Sometimes, DLC can fill the gap, but for now, I just want to put it in a gap.

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