Hyundai Motor recalls nearly 400,000 vehicles that may cause engine fires

Detroit- Hyundai Motor Yes recall In the U.S. and Canada, more than 390,000 cars appeared due to two problems that could cause engine fires.In a recall, the owner was told to park the vehicle outdoors until repair Is manufactured.

The most recalled products exceed 203,000 Santa Fe Movement SUV from 2013 to 2015. Some were recalled for the second time. Brake fluid may leak into the anti-lock brake computer, causing an electrical short circuit, which could cause a fire. According to documents issued by the United States on Tuesday, owners should park their cars outdoors and away from the building until the problem is resolved. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The dealer will replace the fuse and replace the computer if necessary. The owner will notify in June. According to documents, the brake computer problem caused 18 fires in the United States, but no personal injuries were caused.

Hyundai Motor stated that the recall “enhanced remedial measures,” a measure taken in September 2020. The company said it continued its investigation after the September recall and found that replacing the fuse would reduce safety risks. The company said in a statement: “Hyundai is conducting a new recall to ensure the safety of its customers.”

Other recalls involve nearly 187,000 in 2019 and 2020 Elantras, And from 2019 to 2021 know And Velosters. All are equipped with a 2-liter engine. The piston ring may not have been properly heat treated, which may cause engine damage, oil leakage and possible fire. Hyundai said that these rings may be too hard and may shatter and wear out the engine cylinders. According to documents, the piston problem has caused five fires, but no personal injuries have been caused. If necessary, the dealer will check and replace the engine. They will also install piston noise sensing software. The owner will be notified in late June.

engine Malfunctions and fire problems of Hyundai and its affiliated Korean automakers that It has troubled these companies for more than five years and affected the owners of more than 8 million cars.

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