How to obtain a South Sudan tourist visa for British citizens in London

This is a simple trivia: Did you know that the newest country in the world gained independence only a few years ago?

South Sudan is a country along the White Nile River. It was only established in 2011 after signing an agreement in 2005 to formally separate from Sudan. However, before gaining the independence they want, the two countries must experience the longest time-a civil war across the continent.

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However, despite gaining independence, South Sudan is still involved in another civil war because of the influence of the president and vice president. This has affected the lives of more or less 4 million inhabitants of this nascent republic. They finally signed a power-sharing treaty in 2018, hoping to end the five-year battle to seize the country.

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Unfortunately, most countries recommend that their citizens avoid traveling to that country during this period. This means that most of us will not be able to witness the natural beauty of the country until things get better. Currently, all we can do is to get more information about the process of applying for a tourist visa after opening it up in South Sudan and making it free for tourists to explore again.

A quick fact about South Sudan

capital: already

country code: +211

currency: South Sudanese Pound (SSP)

Language used: English, Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Zandhi and more indigenous languages

South Sudan tourist visa requirements

  • visa application, To be filled in and signed by the applicant
  • Passport, valid for at least six months before the expiry date, with blank pages for visa endorsement (you must submit a copy of the physical passport and its information page at the same time)
  • Invitation card Your host in South Sudan addressed the South Sudan Embassy and stated the purpose of your trip
  • Entry permit obtained by the host through the South Sudan Immigration Service
  • A recent passport size photo
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • A round-trip ticket
  • Address in South Sudan (for tourists, you can show your hotel booking confirmation)
  • The bank statement shows that you have enough money to cover your expenses during your stay in South Sudan

Rent a plane ticket

Step-by-step process for applying for a tourist visa to South Sudan

1. Complete all the requirements provided by the embassy (especially the documents provided by the South Sudan host)

2. Fill in the application form

3. After completing all the documents, submit them to the South Sudan Embassy in London in person

4. Pay the necessary fees

5. Allow the embassy to process your application

6. After the processing period is over, you can pick up your documents in person at the embassy

Visa Application Bundled Service

Where to submit your South Sudan tourist visa application

Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan
Visa and passport office
22-25 Portman Close, London W1H 6BS
Phone: +44 0203 687 2367
Visa application submission time: Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 12 pm
Visa collection time: Monday to Thursday, 2pm to 3:30pm

How to obtain a South Sudan tourist visa for British citizens in London
photographer Rod Waddington CC BY-SA 2.0

Frequently asked questions about travelling to South Sudan

1. How long does it take for the embassy to process tourist visa applications?

It takes at least 7 working days for the embassy to issue a visa, excluding weekends and public holidays.

2. How much does it cost to apply for a South Sudan tourist visa?

For a one-month single entry visa, you must pay £50. On the other hand, the cost of a 3-month multiple entry visa is £100.

3. How long is my tourist visa valid?

If you hold a single entry visa, you can stay in South Sudan for 1 month. A multiple entry visa allows you to stay in the country for 3 months.

The visa is valid from the day you collect it from the embassy.

4. Can I process visa applications by mail?

During the submission period, you must visit the South Sudan Embassy in person. However, during the pick-up process, you can ask someone to pick up the package for you, provided they have a consent form and a proof of identity or embassy receipt.

You can also return your documents by mail by providing a prepaid special delivery envelope. This is also a good choice for those who live far away from London.

5. Is it safe to travel to South Sudan?

Although we want to visit the world as much as possible, due to the country’s instability, it is not recommended to visit South Sudan at this time. There are reports that the country’s security situation is deteriorating due to conflicts between militia organizations and private troops.

The country is still in a brutal civil war, and it is not safe to be a foreigner in a state of war.

The British government also advised its citizens not to travel to South Sudan at all costs.

6. Do I need it Insurance What if I want to go to South Sudan?

If you need to visit the country, make sure you have a comprehensive trip and medical insurance Used in emergency situations.

7. How to get to South Sudan from the UK?

To travel from London to South Sudan, you need to take a connecting flight with a stopover in a major city in Africa. In most cases, people from the United Kingdom enter South Sudan via a connecting flight from Addis Ababa or Nairobi.

The flight to South Sudan can be very long. On average, including stopovers, you may need about 12 hours to get there.

8. How do I visit South Sudan?

There are many taxis and motorcycle taxis around Juba, but please remember that these taxis are not priced, so you must negotiate the price with them in advance.

Some minibuses connect Juba with the southern towns. However, riding these in the rainy season may be impossible because some roads are difficult to pass.

9. Can I exchange currency in South Sudan? Can I use my card?

You can exchange currency at local banks such as the Bank of South Sudan. There is also a black market for currency exchange, but the government is currently working hard to crack down on them.

There are no ATMs, and institutions across the country do not accept credit cards.

10. When is the best time to go to South Sudan?

The dry season in South Sudan lasts from January to December and is also the best month to visit the country. There is very little rainfall, so you can visit other areas.

11. Why should I go to South Sudan?

As we all know, all of Africa has magnificent wildlife and natural beauty. South Sudan is one of these lucky countries, with lush green mountains, amazing wildlife parks and vast land where you can see animals migrating from one place to another.

How to obtain a South Sudan tourist visa for British citizens in London
photographer Rod Waddington CC BY-SA 2.0

As a country located beside the White Nile Basin, it also has amazing bodies of water, you may want to visit at least once.

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