Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

Let me share with you my amazing experience in this brand new hotel in Houston, Texas—— Holiday Inn Express Houston-Galleria.

Yes Houston, Texas Your next destination? If so, then you may be considering where you can live now. Houston has many great accommodation options-hotels, hostels, guesthouses or Airbnbs. Usually, all of this depends on your budget. Traveling in the United States is definitely not cheap. But hey, if you have money, why not stay in a luxury hotel? Especially if it is in a strategic position? During my recent visit to Houston, I was happy to share with you a brand new property that I discovered—— Holiday Inn Express Houston-Galleria.

Holiday Inn Express Houston New Hotel Galleria2

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Why choose Holiday Inn Express Houston-Galleria?

1. Strategic location

Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

With the hotel’s excellent location, walk around Top attractions in Houston very convenient. It has easy access to the U.S. Highway and West Loop, allowing you to easily visit residential/commercial streets, museum districts, memorial parks and Houston Botanical Gardens.

2. The property is brand new

Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

Imagine staying in a brand new hotel. You can expect excellent customer service, clean and luxurious new rooms, and a great atmosphere. Of course, all luxury hotels offer the same services, but a brand new hotel gives a different atmosphere, especially if this is also your first visit to the place.

3. Rich buffet breakfast food

Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

As the Holiday Inn is located in the center of the Galleria district, you can have many food choices. Well, Houston itself is a food paradise. At the Holiday Inn, you can choose from casual to fine dining. One of them is the buffet breakfast, which is rich in food. After booking at the hotel, breakfast is included, so you will surely get enough energy before you start your day.

Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

4. Its facilities

Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

At the Holiday Inn, you can stay productive and relaxed at the same time. It offers free high-speed Internet access and a 24-hour business center. In addition, if you think you are eating more food than you should and need to stay healthy, you can still exercise in the hotel’s 24-hour fitness center. Need the kind of relaxation you crave? You can choose to take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool or outdoor heated swimming pool. Its 169 rooms are equipped with luxurious simple smart beds, allowing you to end the day comfortably.

Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

5. Room

Holiday Inn Express Houston New Hotel Galleria4

Every room in the Holiday Inn is like your home away from home-even better. Some of the best features include hoods, provision of cribs, iron/ironing board, mini-fridge, desktop power sockets, teapots, coffee pots, direct dial telephones, telephones with voice mail, etc. There are also rooms where connections are available.

How do I enjoy the Houston trip at Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express Houston-a brand new hotel in Galleria

This is my first time in Houston, so when I think about what I should do and where I want to go, I get excited. But before that, I thought about where I should live. This is the common concern of every traveler. Of course, I thought about staying in cheaper accommodation, because the United States is expensive-from food to travel, but hey, this is my first trip here, so I decided to go all out.

I found this brand new property Houston Can reach the most popular tourist destinations in the state. Another advantage is that it is located in the center of Galleria, known as Houston’s dining and shopping mecca. I am a foodie, so when I knew its location, I knew from the beginning that I would love to stay here haha!

The customer care and service are of high quality, and they really know how to take care of their guests. I spend most of my time outside visiting American attractions, so I am very tired most of the time. However, returning to my hotel felt like going home. The soft bed and very useful facilities made my stay as comfortable as ever.

Holiday Inn ExprHoliday Inn Express Houston New hotel in Galleriaess New hotel in Galleriaess 28

food? As mentioned before, I am a gourmet, (although I am also trying to lose weight) I just can’t refuse the delicious food in front of me, haha. Especially the breakfast buffet they prepare every morning-really a great way to start the day!if Houston, Texas It is your next destination and highly recommend Holiday Inn Express Houston-Galleria. After an exciting and productive day, nothing can compare to a relaxing and luxurious evening.

If you want to book a stay at Holiday Inn Express, please click here.

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