Google added a new media center to (some) Android tablets

If you have a new product from Google Streaming dongle, you were able After pressing pause on the TV, you can seamlessly continue watching movies or watching shows on your tablet (convenient if you are moving from the living room to the bed), although this may not work for all streaming applications . The entertainment space is indeed more inclined to short-form content, including YouTube shorts and Twitch streaming.

Of course, Google will also provide content you think you will like based on your viewing history, likes and other data. You can even install any of the apps or games recommended here without having to jump to the Google Play store first. Moreover, if multiple people in a family share a tablet, you can switch between personal information in Entertainment Space so that each user can enjoy a personalized experience.

Bender said: “Entertainment space is a discovery pane, where you can find everything you watched, read or played in the past, and then go back to it or find new items.” “This does not mean it is a consumer area. If Click on any card and it will take you to the corresponding application. What we want to do is make it easier for people to get the content they want to enjoy.”

Tablet PCs resurgence

Google said it conducted 23 studies on more than 17,500 Android tablet users around the world and found that one of its users’ biggest pain points is finding content in multiple applications. After two years of development, the entertainment space aims to reduce the number of clicks required to access your media. This feature is also catching up. Google said that throughout 2020, its growth rate exceeded 30% Android tablet usage In 2019.

“Because of Covid, Tablet PC use It has skyrocketed,” Bender said. “We have seen an increase in the number of monthly active users, and the last quarter was actually the best time for tablet activation and sales in history. It is fair to say that this is directly related to the increase in screen time at home and in shelters in place, as well as the improvement of ecosystems such as Google Kids Space. “

Apple is still the leader in tablet market share, but in the first quarter of 2021, Samsung’s tablet sales have increased by 60% compared to the same period last year, and Lenovo has increased by 134%. According to data from technology research company Canalys.

“The tablet market is growing rapidly; Canalys research analyst Brian Lynch said. “It is very similar to all operating systems on the market. Overall, Android and iPad operating systems have been performing well and growing at a similar rate, and all vendors have achieved considerable success in Android. ”

Lynch said that he expects this growth to continue for several years, until it gradually decreases. He also confirmed Bender’s suggestion that when the world is locked in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, economic growth will begin in 2020. Since students need screens to study at home, education is a big driving force.

He said: “Suppose you are a parent with three children at home.” “They go to class and can’t go out, so buying a tablet is really helpful for improving overall productivity. You must also look at certain chips in the past year The shortage situation. Tablets can withstand better storms than laptops, so there may be some crossovers there.”

Over the years, the experience of using Android tablets has not changed much, because Apple has dominated the market through regular feature updates and a consistent flow of features. New hardware. Entertainment Space can make the Android tablet experience shine. However, it cannot solve the problem of so few Android applications optimized for large screens. Bender said this situation is beginning to change.

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