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Games can show us how to achieve justice in the meta-universe

It was 2016, Jordan Belamire is very happy to experience Quivi, A brand new fantasy virtual reality game, debuted. Under the gaze of her husband and brother-in-law, she put on a VR headset and was immersed in the snow scene. Represented by a group of invisible floating hands and quiver, bow and hood, Bellamir’s current task is to take up her weapon to fight against hordes of glowing monsters.

But her excitement quickly changed. After entering the online multiplayer mode and using voice chat, another player in the virtual world began to rub, grab, and pinch her avatar. Despite her protest, the behavior continued until Bellamir took off the headset and quit the game.

My colleague and I analyzed Respond to To Belamire Follow-up account Her “first virtual reality exploration” and observed a clear lack of consensus on harmful behaviors in virtual space. Although many people expressed disgust for the player’s actions and sympathized with Bellamire’s description of her experience as “real” and “violating,” other interviewees were less sympathetic-after all, they Argued that there was no physical contact, and she could always opt out of the game.

In the existing social VR space and other virtual worlds, unwanted sexual interaction events are not uncommon, and there are many other disturbing virtual behaviors (such as Theft of virtual items) Has become too common. All these events make us unsure where the “virtual” ends and where the “reality” begins, challenging us to figure out how to avoid introducing real-world problems into the virtual world, and how to govern when injustice occurs in the digital domain.

Now, as Facebook predicts Coming meta festival As well as the proposal to transfer our work and social interactions to VR, the importance of dealing with harmful behaviors in these spaces is even more prominent. Researchers and designers in the virtual world are increasingly turning their attention to more proactive virtual governance methods. These methods must not only deal with behaviors such as virtual explorations, but also prevent such behaviors first, and at the same time encourage more Positive behavior.

These designers did not start from scratch.Multiplayer digital games-a long history of managing large games, sometimes poisonous Community-provides a wealth of ideas that are critical to understanding what it means to cultivate a responsible and prosperous VR space through a proactive approach. By showing us how to leverage the power of virtual communities and implement inclusive design practices, multiplayer games can help pave the way for a better future for VR.

The law The real world-at least in its current state-is not suitable for solving real errors that occur in a fast-paced digital environment.Mine Research Research on ethics and multiplayer games shows that players can resist “external interference” in virtual affairs. And there are practical problems: In a mobile, globalized online community, it is difficult to know how to fully identify suspects and determine jurisdiction.

Of course, technology cannot solve all our problems.As a researcher, designer and critic Point out At the 2021 Game Developers Conference, combating harassment in the virtual world requires deeper structural changes in our physical and digital lives. However, if inaction is not an option, and if existing real-world laws may be inappropriate or invalid, then we must also turn to technology-based tools to actively manage the VR community.

Currently, one of the most common forms of governance in the virtual world is based on reporting users’ responsive and punitive forms, which may then be warned, suspended, or banned. Given the large size of virtual communities, these processes are usually automated: for example, artificial intelligence may process reports and implement user or content deletion, or deletion may occur after receiving a certain number of reports for a specific user.

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