Formula E Monaco’s track changes send drivers back to the simulator

The illustration of the sudden Monaco circuit change titled Formula E illustrates how modern racing cars have become weird

photo: FIA ABB Formula-E (Getty Images)

This weekend Formula E The Monaco event will mark the first time that the all-electric convertible series uses the same track as Formula 1, which used a shortened version in previous years. However, because the organizers have redistributed the “offensive mode” activation area of ​​the track, the team and drivers only learned today that they need to adjust their preparations for the race.

For those who don’t understand what “attack mode” is and how it works: it’s a 35-kilowatt (46-horsepower) boost that can last for a few laps, but usually only when the car drives over a designated part of the track The next track can only be activated at a time. Initially, the area was located outside the hairpin of the Grand Hotel, which was not part of the route Formula E used before this year. After a long ascent of Massenet, it has now moved to the left of the Casino-hander.

The attack mode activation area will now be located in the casino, marked Turn 4 on this map.

The attack mode activation area will now be located in the casino, marked Turn 4 on this map.
Image: FIA ABB Formula-E

It is expected that the new activation zone will add more time to the driver than the old hairpin device, because the hairpin is already very slow.

From the outside, this may not seem like a huge change, but the reality is that the driver took a few days Ahead of practice Test in their simulator. Figuring out where and how to incorporate the “attack mode” into the competition strategy is an important part of this preparation.

Norman Mayersohn will edit my nonsense until this week (Norman, you already miss it!), and worked with Formula E. The team uses it for simulator work. This is especially important on street circuits where there is no opportunity for testing. “

Therefore, in the past week, drivers and teams believe that some of the conclusions they have reached are still inconclusive.They must use the updated circuit data to make one or more attempts, although race Please note that some Formula E drivers who participated in the 6-hour Spa-Francorchamps last weekend were unable to practice in Monaco anyway.

Change the dilemma of the track and prompt the organizers to update the track digital Version of the track, so competitors can get the latest test information-all electric series! -It’s a headache for 2021. Again, modern problems do require modern solutions.

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