Forget the cryptocurrency, buy Polestar and you can use art

In the past few years, we have seen some interesting car payment methods, from subscription to Cryptocurrency. but Polar Star Something particularly unusual will be tried: accepting payments in art forms.The program will run in the U.S. and Europe from now until August 15 and will only apply to Polestar 1 sports car.

Almost any type of artwork can be used for purchase Polaris 1: “Painting, sculpture, photography, installation, etc.” But before you go to your hobby store to buy canvas and paint, you need to know that there are several obstacles that need to be cleared before Polestar accepts your work. First, it must pass an initial assessment by the art consultant Theodor Dalenson, who has served on the boards of several art museums including the Guggenheim.Later, this work will be evaluated by Sotheby’s and Philips auction houses. But if your creation or works you own from other artists are accepted, you will have a Polestar 1.

Once the artwork enters Polestar, the company’s plan is to eventually sell it.The company said it would auction the work or sell it through the artist’s first choice Dealer. If you are interested in this program, you can Submit your artwork for trading at this link.

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