For $8,000, is this 1996 Jaguar XJS an elegant deal?

today’s Good price or no dice I’m old school Cruiser-big outside, but a bit crowded inside. Its sellers hope to squeeze some cash out of their sales. Let’s see how much this kind of kneading should cost.

In the past year or so, the demand and price of used cars have been steadily rising. Economists blame this situation on the global chip shortage, which has affected the supply of new cars and trucks.Fortunately, those lost chips are not the ones that came Served with delicious batter fried cod fish and malt vinegar. That would be a real tragedy.

With the chaos in the used car market, our job here has become more difficult.It turns out that NPOND is a tracking economic indicator. Therefore, yesterday’s 2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster It was condemned in the comments for its $16,000 price. Although it was clearly a well-maintained car, like many candidates this week, it received the entire torch and pitchfork. This is ultimately reflected in its 60% No Dice loss.

I think I know where the problem is. The prices of all the cars and trucks we have seen this week are in the five figures.Many of us are not ready for these Figures for the general used car market.Maybe in the four-digit range Will be more attractive. If it can be relatively cheap and fancy at the same time, perhaps even more so.

For a while, you can’t become more fanatical Compared with Jaguar. The British company founded by Sir William Lyons has always positioned its cars as the value leader in the luxury performance category. Considering that Jaguar still exists today, and most of the other car manufacturing industries in the UK have closed down, it turns out that this is a fairly safe harbor.

This 1996 Jaguar XJ-S Convertible Almost the epitome of this luxury performance mantra. XJ-S was launched as a two-door sedan in 1975, sharing most of its foundation with the XJ sedan, initially only providing Jaguar’s V12 engine under the long and low hood.By the mid-80s Convertible version and new 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine Was added to the lineup, Further expand the attractiveness of the model.

This, on the glacier The white on the biscuits comes from the hail produced last year, and the 4-liter version with an AJ6 DOHC straight six-cylinder Ford owned the brand at the time and made a series of platform improvements possible. The power should be around 245 horsepower and the torque should be 289 lb-ft. Matching with the Big Six is ​​a four-speed automatic transmission from transmission manufacturer ZF.

The body kit applied to the previous generation of XJS does look a bit fixed, almost an aftermarket. The changes brought include a larger body color bumper cover and a full-width taillight assembly with smoked lenses. At the front, a pair of cat-eye headlights still supports a simple and narrow grille. On it is the Jaguar badge, not the traditional Leaper of the car.

Some minor car body issues are pointed out in the ad image. These include some wear on the front air dam and the fit of the chrome trim covering the front bumper. Other than that, it looks very strong, and the paint seems to have been very good over the years. If you don’t like these things, there is a set of wire wheels to support it, which looks a little weird. The beige top looks intact, covering the interior full of leather and solid wood.This is an old car, the last one of the old model. There are two ashtrays on the center console, both of which are very bright. chrome. You also get automatic climate control, power everything, and what looks like original AM/FM/box stereo in the dashboard. Cool! We can’t see most of the content inside, so it’s difficult to measure the mass use of elements. At least we can say that the dashboard and steering wheel look good.

The advertisement claims that the car has 112,000 miles and a clean headline. Enclosed are all original documents and some service records for your reading.Downside, The seller said that the ABS warning light is And this car is being sold “as is”.

The asking price for this large luxury cruiser is $8,000. Look? I told you that we will look at something cheaper to end this week. However, is this cheap enough? Do you think this XJS is worth $8,000 in its “as is” condition? Or, does this price make it a lifeless cat?

You decide!

San Francisco Bay Area, California, Craig ListOr go to Here If the ad disappears.

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