Ferrari announces Benedetto Vigna as new CEO

Ferrari announced the appointment of Benedetto Vigna as the new CEO from September 1 to replace Louis Camilleri, who retired in December last year. Vigna currently serves as the President of ST’s Analog, MEMS and Sensors Division and a member of the STMicroelectronics Group Executive Committee.

“We are very pleased to welcome Benedetto Vigna as our new Ferrari CEO. His deep understanding of the technology that drives most of the changes in our industry, as well as his proven innovation, business building and leadership capabilities, will be exciting in the future. The times have further strengthened Ferrari and its unique passion and performance story,” John Elkan commented. , Ferrari chairman.

In addition to working experience in a technology company, Vigna also graduated with honors from the University of Pisa in Italy with a degree in subnuclear physics. The Italian also studied a three-axis gyroscope, which allows the phone screen to switch from landscape mode to portrait mode. This technology is also used in car security systems.

Ferrari stated that in his new role, Vinia’s priority is to ensure that the company “continues to consolidate its leadership as the creator of the most beautiful and technologically advanced cars in the world”.

“It is a special honor to join Ferrari as the CEO. I join with the same excitement and sense of responsibility. I am excited about the huge opportunities that can be seized. And I am very impressed with the extraordinary achievements and abilities of the men and women of Ferrari and all the stakeholders of the company And everyone in the world who has such a unique passion for Ferrari has a deep sense of responsibility,” Wigna said.

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