Facebook’s supervisory committee: we will not do dirty work

January 21, Facebook asked its supervisory committee to review its decision to ban Donald Trump indefinitely and provide guidance on whether the former president should be allowed to serve again. You can regard it as the ultimate shirk of responsibility. For three years, Facebook has established a well-designed structure for an allegedly independent agency to review its content decisions. Now that the 20-member board of directors has just started hearing the case, Facebook may outsource it, which may be the most controversial decision in the company’s history. Will Donald Trump return to social media, attack those who displease him, and insist that he did win the election? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tell His shiny new board called.

But the board of directors did not participate. Despite affirming that Facebook was the right thing to do, it suspended the anti-riot display posts on Trump’s account on January 6. Today it called the company Invented a punitive measure that was not part of his policy, that is, an “indefinite” suspension. The board told Facebook that it would take six months to figure out its own rules, and then make its own decision on Trump’s recovery.

At a press conference after the ruling was issued, Michael McConnell, co-chairman of the board of directors and professor of law at Stanford University, made it clear that the board had no interest in bailing out Facebook.He said: “We are not the police.” “Our only purpose is Facebook responsible for. “

The actual effect of the ruling means that Trump will not return to Facebook. Most parts of the United States will breathe a sigh of relief, and other countries will continue to believe that the ban is part of a liberal conspiracy. But this decision is likely to be the decisive moment of the supposed Facebook Supreme Court.

The motivation for Facebook to set up a board of directors is to get outside voices to review the important decisions the company must make about content. By 2018, no one believes that Facebook can make these calls. And there are good reasons. When it comes to the most controversial situations, the flow between senior policy executives is largely influenced by politics and business.In the virtual meeting room, one of the most powerful voices about such decisions is Joel Kaplan, Facebook’s vice president of global policy, a former Republican agent Good friend of Brett Kavanaugh. In the end, the decision was made by Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg, as the CEO, knew very well how Facebook’s verbal decisions affected its reputation and business prospects.

Zuckerberg actually agreed with the critics, who said that no one should have such decision-making power on a platform with a population of 3 billion.He established a board of directors and provided it with $130 million in funding so that key content decisions on Facebook and Instagram can attract a group Elite It’s in the fields of human rights, politics, and media. The board members quickly realized that their main challenge was to prove that they were truly independent of the companies that made up the organization. Its early decisions provide clues that this relationship may evolve into an adversarial relationship. In one situation Regarding the content that Facebook withdrew, Facebook asked the board of directors to stop deliberation because it withdrew its initial withdrawal, and the issue is still inconclusive. In any case, the board of directors wants to solve this problem.

Trump’s decision represents the clearest statement to date that the board will not be Facebook’s clumsy. Perhaps Zuckerberg had envisioned that in determining whether Trump should return, the board of directors would launch a series of bold Trump positions to justify its ruling. But the board’s confirmation of Facebook’s deletion of the January 6 post was quick and painful. Trump’s representative submitted a brief summary claiming that the former president’s position could be considered as inciting violence, which is “unthinkable”. This claim was put forward by the injured and dead on the grounds of the Capitol. of. Nevertheless, the board’s contempt for light handling Mar is not as good as its contempt for Menlo Park. Co-chair of the board of directors and former Danish Prime Minister Heller Sonnen-Schmidt said at a press conference: “More decisions involve Facebook and its uses than Trump.” “Facebook avoided responsibility. They must Follow your own rules.”

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