Elon Musk’s words reveal Tesla’s problems

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Show off their The impressive new 2022 Tesla Model S plaid, Among all the impressive new motor specifications and profile diagrams and someone playing video games on this matter, one thing impressed me.This is what Elon said when explaining the reason for their decision Remove all Controller From the car, including Any physical control of changing gearsThe statement also fully explained Elon’s view of the driver, but it was not good.

He said this:

“I think in general… all inputs are wrong.”

Wait, what?All inputs are error?

Here, you should hear yourself:

He did clarify a bit

“If you want to do something that a car could do, you should pay attention. Software should do this.”

That didn’t really help, because this basic way of thinking has serious flaws.

If I understand him correctly, he is saying that the behavior that humans want—input—somehow, is never worth taking action? because it is”error? ”

What the fuck are you talking about, Elon?

I can’t believe I have to say that, but no, all input is Is not error. Input is input. Literally, it is an expression of what you want to do. Implying that the input is wrong indicates a lack of respect or even complete contempt for the person who chooses to drive the car you are trying to sell.

How else can we make such a statement? The meaning of manual input = error indicates that Elon believes that the car should seek to run without input, because, remember, this is an error, so where are we?

The follow-up statement that the car software should do everything on its own indicates that the machine should Decide What do you want to do, I want to use some kind of algorithm and artificial intelligence neural network or any way it thinks meaningful. In a car environment with full artificial intelligence and a full computer brain, humans do not need to tell the car to accelerate, decelerate, install windshield wipers or change lanes. You just need to say “drive me home” and the rest is done by the robot on wheels. When you take a taxi, you don’t need to turn to the light pole.

Who wants this and this? I am a person with ability, ideas, and decision-making willingness. Although I may hope that the machine can save me effort and effort, it is not some annoying housework to decide what I want to do and when and how I want to do it. I earnestly hope to hand it over to the robot.

I don’t believe that any artificial intelligence will predict my desire, because we have seen its direction. Through a large number of targeted advertisements, we are online without interruption, thanks to artificial intelligence trying to awkwardly decide what we are interested in and force They are often stupid and keep making suggestions in our throats.

The illustration of the article titled Elon Musk reveals most of Tesla’s problems

Screenshot: Tesla/Youku/JDT

In addition, saying “all input is wrong” in the context of a car is the kind of words that only people who really don’t understand driving pleasure at all will say.This is part of the reason Tesla is so popular Too much desire for autonomy, with Exaggerating the AV function of its car So consistent.

The best car I have ever driven Feels like prosthetic augmentation To my body; they are complete Regarding the input, then mechanically accept the input and amplify and enhance it.

The whole point of the car is to accept direct human input (Or, any sentient beings who pass the driver’s test, I think) and convert that input into directional motion. Of course, the future self-driving cars will change the direct execution of this level of control, but fundamentally speaking, once you decide that the human “input” in the vehicle is “wrong”, you lose meaning.

When the input is wrong, humans are just goods, and being transported to some place determined by artificial intelligence is what they want.

This is my opinion: fuck.

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