Dynamic destination: Cherese Mari Laulhere Children’s Village, Long Beach Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital

The outpatient services of Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital Long Beach in Long Beach, California are provided in more than 35 clinics, which is a logistical challenge for families seeking care. From blood draws and imaging to orthopedics, neurology, oncology and rehabilitation services, families make multiple appointments at different locations on any given day. Cherese Mari Laulhere Children’s Village opened in February to provide hospitals with a comprehensive pediatric outpatient destination, while also supporting a collaborative and efficient care model.

This 80,000-square-foot four-story building is expected to receive LEED Gold certification, using its prominent location in the southeast corner of the hospital campus to become a vibrant anchor point and to strengthen the focus on campus pediatrics. The building is L-shaped, which minimizes the distance from the entrance to the patient’s clinic, and maximizes the window area to allow natural light to penetrate the building. The main entrance is located at the inner corner of the footprint, and the north and west wings are open towards the core of the medical campus. This created two main facades: one facing the city and public roads, and the other facing the center of the medical park. Stained glass, stair towers, balconies and large orange cubes at the corners create a fascinating facade, while a wide multicolored translucent glass entrance canopy welcomes users into the lobby.

Clean lines, organic forms and bold colors provide pleasing design elements for people of all ages, while providing an intuitive way to find. For example, colored ribbons integrated into terrazzo and resilient flooring support blood circulation and guide patients and their families to various clinics. The arrival area of ​​the clinic is designated by the colorful destination walls, supplemented by organic forms on the ceiling. The examination room door and entrance floor are decorated with different colors as a child-friendly communication tool.

The project team, including C/A architect (Long Beach, California), using lean methods and design-build methods to realize the project’s operational vision. Lean processes give employees a voice in clinic design and allow hospitals to improve processes. For example, an office is usually vacant for part of the week, with an average utilization rate of 30% to 40%. The service integration within the hotel concept utilizes the general suite design and allows practice to enter and exit as needed. Since there is no space dedicated to a service line or practice, the building can be used more efficiently, and the utilization rate is expected to exceed 80%.

In addition, the use of on/off stage space for employees can increase efficiency and operating costs. The design-build approach can also improve the efficiency of project schedules, allowing buildings to be delivered on time and on budget, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Project details:

Facility name: Cherese Mari Laulhere Children’s Village, Long Beach Miller Children and Women’s Hospital

Location: Long Beach, California

Completion date: February 2021

Client: Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital Long Beach

Total floor area: 80,000 square feet

Total construction cost: Not applicable

Cost/m²: Not applicable

Architect: C/A Architects

Interior designer: C/A Architects

General Contractor: Turner Construction Co.

Engineers: TK1SC (electromechanical, lighting), MHP (structure), Madole & Associates (civil engineering)

Builder: Turner Construction Co.

Landscape architect: Cummings Curley & Associates

LEED: Brightworks Sustainable Development

Methane barrier: Kleinfelder

Acoustics: Schwab Acoustics

Signage: SKA design

Specification writing: AWC West

Equipment Consultation: Rolloff International

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