Direct access to Dropbox, Google Drive and a drive from the buffer

Everyone has their own workflow for creating social media content. In writing, the author who plans the plot in advance is called a “drafter”, while others are called “drafters.” Fly on their pants Known as “pants”. Regardless of your style in terms of social media content-personally, I am more of a draftsman, but I like the pants I know-we want to support you.

Now, with just a few clicks, you can directly import content from Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive into Buffer.Except for our recent Canvas integration — It’s easier than ever to create and publish social media posts without leaving Buffer.

More information about the new integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive

This integration has been extended to every Buffer plan, which means it is also available if you use our free plan.

To start uploading content from any of these integrations to Buffer, simply log in to your Buffer account and create a new post. You will see buttons for Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive next to Canva.

This is what it looks like to import content directly from Google Drive from our composer.

For more information on setting up this connection, please see This help center article.

What’s next

We are eager to continue to help small business owners save time when uploading, creating and publishing content, which is why we plan to add more value through new features.

In the next few months, our team will continue to iterate on this integration and work on native image editing functions such as cropping, rotation, sharpening, etc. Is there a requirement? Reach out And share it!

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So what kind of social media content creator are you-draftsman or pants? Send us a tweet let us know. We hope this new integration will make your workflow easier! 👖

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