Breathing room: Aviv Clinic in Florida Village

In a village in central Florida (an active retirement community over the age of 55 with more than 135,000 residents), it is vital to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with healthcare services tailored to its population. The Villages spans three counties and covers an area of ​​more than 32 square miles. It consists of a series of communities and is home to six medical centers operated by The Villages Health (community-based health system). The new 29,400 square foot Aviv Clinic is an add-on to the Brownwood Advanced Medical Center (CAHB) in the Brownwood community. It aims to provide personalized cognitive and physical training and nutritional guidance programs through the Aviv Medical Program. It is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The core of the plan is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), which allows customers to breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized room where the air pressure in the room is increased to twice the normal air pressure in order to improve cognitive ability.
David Globig, chief executive officer of Aviv Clinics (Sumter County, Florida), said that the synergy between The Villages and Aviv Clinics has made it naturally its first branch in the world. He said: “The village is a complete system designed to help individuals enjoy retirement and lead a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle.”

Construction company in Nashville, Tennessee that (Earl Swensson Associates) has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with The Villages, and designed some medical facilities, and designed the Aviv Clinic in cooperation with the Israeli interior design company Studio Gad and the Aviv Clinics team. According to Globig, the design goal of the facility is to make customers feel that they are on a healthier journey. “[We wanted] Create an environment where people can feel science, technology and luxury in all aspects of nursing. “He says.

The directive inspired an aesthetic concept that combines high-end hospitality and first-class aviation services to provide a “clean, high-tech and modern spirit, not a cold” essence, said ESa principal Sam Burnette.

The 29,580 square foot clinic opened in April 2020 and includes three different areas. Starting from the front lobby, the design of the front lobby feels like a modern hotel, with warm wood tones and beige surfaces. The second area provides diagnostic and screening services. Customers must undergo rigorous screening before starting treatment to ensure that they can withstand the two-hour compression treatment physically for two weeks. Fixed in the clinic is the third area, which houses two HBOT chambers, each of which is the same size as the shipping container, and is divided into 28 customers in each, with a reduction in the middle. Pressure chamber.

The airline theme is most prominent in the chamber of commerce and its surrounding customer-facing areas. For example, the waiting area is like an airline club lounge, with glass walls, clusters of seats and wooden details, and the shell of each cabin echoes the smooth, rounded shape of the aircraft fuselage. After entering the room, customers will find comfortable, ergonomic seats, reminiscent of a first-class cabin.
Globig said that since it opened, the clinic has exceeded expectations. “It feels so good and comfortable. Clinically, it flows well. Our customers absolutely love it.”

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