Best environmentally friendly cleaning product (2021): suitable for kitchen, bathroom and laundry

Deep cleaning of my kitchen I used to waste a lot of plastic bags, paper and plastic containers. This makes me wonder how I can make my cleaning procedures less wasteful.

Scientists are developing New ways to recycle plastic, But it’s not an earth-friendly material now, cleaning supplies use a lot of in. Solutions such as disinfectant sprays and soaps are mainly composed of water, which also makes these products heavy and difficult to transport efficiently. Excessive packaging is another contributing factor, and harmful chemicals will eventually enter the water system (or you).Join the risk Microplastic shedding And countless Bleaching Instagram ads, and it’s hard to know how to start making your daily work more sustainable.

Here are some of my favorite cleaning products, they try to be more environmentally friendly. They will not be too different from the products you already use, and they are relatively affordable.

Update October 2021: We have updated this guide with some of our favorite new products.

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Whole house environmentally friendly cleaner

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Some cleaning solution manufacturers offer generic products that you would usually buy in spray bottles. All the brands mentioned here are environmentally friendly in various ways, whether it’s providing refills, using green ingredients, or shipping without plastics. Choose any one that suits your cleaning style, budget, and aesthetic goals-because, yes, they all look great.

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